Who’s representing Florida?
The (other) Sunshine State FTW!

Orange park checking in !!:cool:

West Palm Beach here

Coral Springs here (Ft.Lauderdale)

O town right here.

Home town is Lauderdale, but Gainesville is where I’ve been spending most of my time at UF.

Trampa Area Checkin In!

hillsborough or polk?? LOL! J/K :eek:


813 tampa From the south south checkin in, And Trampa IS NOT A honkin JOKE its tru lol

is it full with tramps?

right here…sarasota


Magic City A.K.A MIAmi

magic city?? always thought they referred to it as “little havana” :smiley:

actually i live in little havana. but yeah chill with the smart a** comments. and if ur wondering yeah IM CUBAN.

Cool, Last time I went through Miami, I could not get breakfast at burger king because the menu was in Spanish and no one that worked at that particular restaurant spoke English…But hey, If you enjoy it there more power too you. Just like a lot of people hate he Orlando area.

lol at all these newbies getting pissy over everything

naw aint nobody getting pissy just dont come on here making slick donkey remarks cuz i aint say s**t about where u from cuz i can start cracking on u right now but i dont like to start problems for no reason. Half of the people on this forum would LOVE to live in miami cuz of the chicks and the weather. OH and BTW the best looking girls in florida are wat? hispanic. so yeah go ahead and crack all u want. but half of yall probably sitting in south beach during the summer sipping pina coladas:p

yo honk these newbies… if u cant take any jokes, then ur on the wrong forum