Friends wheels got stolen

My friend in Orlando woke up to this.

Here’s what he had for about a month

If any of you guys in Orlando could keep on the lookout for someone selling those wheels or know anyone who just got a new set of 24s it would help a lot. They are Giovanna Caracas on Nitto tires.
He lives in the UCF area by the way.

Why no locks?
There would be a blood puddle near the truck if it were mine…

How nice of them to use his own bricks to hold the truck up for him though… What’s up with the nice driveway vs. ghetto driveway? Was he slumming?

The nice driveway is my parents house in Ft Lauderdale and the ghetto driveway is his college house in Orlando.

He had locking lugs on there, but they really don’t do poop to a good thief.

x2…with a few Spent Shells on the Front Door Step as well. :smiley:

That does suck though, bc I remember the OP’s post back when his buddy got them put on and he took his Stock 22’s. Seems like it was just yesterday.


holy poop men my friend has a altima with 22" rims asanti and they got stolen too, he said that the alarm went off ( viper 5900 ) he ran and look out the window and he saw the guys getting ford 350 but he didn’t came out cuz he thought the guys were carrying guns lol! but he saw the plate and he call the cops and after 2 or 3 days he has the rims back now he bought some lock or something i don’t know :frowning:

and ur firend does not have any alarm?

I got 2 sets of locks on my rims :slight_smile: but that does suck for your friend… I hope he finds em.

I think he just had the factory alarm. The wheels have seriously only been on for about a month.

Makes me want to get an alarm now though. I don’t really have the funds for that at the moment though.

i got an Viper 5900 1 Mile range with The Proximity sensor the balance sensor so if the car gets higher in front that in the back the alarm will go off and i have it with my train horns + the siren and i don’t have rims or any dvd’s inside the car…

I had the Viper 5900 on my bagged Sierra. Great alarm system, but I have slept through it which worries me. Not fun to wake up to the pager beeping at you and knowing the thieves could’ve had everything they wanted already. Luckily they were always false alarms.

maybe i take the proximity sensors off because last night the alarm went off with the train horn at 1:10 am lol and my neighborhoods woke up too lol and it just was this garbage truck picking up the garbage you know they make a lot of noise

Man I hate to see that but…well on MY insurance anything i put on my truck that i have a reciept for is covered. Im sure that he had some good insurance with a truck like that so he should just claim it.

Also guys i caught a youngster about 2 yrs ago trying to steal my speakers ect. out of my Titan (my other truck) so I called 911 and then went to confront the kid who was WALKING down the street with my gps unit and a poopy old amp. When i caught up to him in the truck hed just broke into he threw the amp and trashed a front quarter panel and I lost it, I snatched him up and threw him down and when i did he lost his two front teeth on the asphault and both bottom and top lips were split wide open and he started screaming and whinin as the police showed up…Long story short I went to jail with him payed about 1300 dollars to my lawyer to get out of the battery charges and 800 for dentist to fix his grill. Be carefull what you do in these types of situations. also his parents had to pay 400 for that amp 2200 for the nice dent and pucture he put in my truck which i fixxed for free at my buddy’s body shop. I still won.

LOL, but u kno when ur soo angry at that ppoint sometimes you just dont have anycontrol and all the other poop that u have held in comes out alllll at onceee, and like u said that poop gets u in trouble

I always loved how the thieves get sympathy even after what they’ve done.

lazy sons of ******* didnt even take the lugnuts just leave them there?

That sucks… Those rims looked good. hopefully he gets them back.

damn man that sucks… it has to be someone that knows he has them or someone that has been scoping out his house for a while. people dont just randomly drive around looking for rims to steal. i wanna know how the hell the managed to balance a big donkey escalade on those little blocks…

Spline drive lugs… FTMFW !!!

(That’s what’s on the Tundra)

whats special about them?