German Horn Thread

Hello Guys ! Hallo Jungs!
This Tread is for german horns! OK?:wink:

My Horns!

That I still for sale!
It is a Ludmilla Horn of the series.
According 150.1 db

It consists of cast aluminium.

german what is that huge set of horns in the back of your car off of??

my exact question too…LOL

holy hell and i thought k5las were big…

This is my Ship Horn! length: 95 cm/
Diameter 40cm


germanhornblast, that is an beautiful looking & sounding horn :smiley:


That thing is Awesome!

how much that horn cost?

I have bought it at EBAY for 290 €.:eek:
It is a nice price for this horn!:smiley:

The horn has a value of € 1500, according to manufacturers.

im too lazy to convert that into US currency…lol 1500 eur = 2215.86 usd
that must be quite the horn

wow! thats alot… i can get a few more k5las before i buy that horn…lol
i would mount that horn on my house! lol

hahaha on your house thats funny also that would be a nice alarm to wake up in the morning lol

The compressor you’re running - looks like a modified portable compressor… Do you have a check valve installed? If not, she’s gonna die man!

Yes in my earlier version was a wearable komprssor air, with check valve!
Last update: construction is now a Viair 480C
But I think the time of the air refueling still too long, could go faster.
My safety valve switches at 8.5 bar from!
What can I do so up to 10 bar pressure to get my air tank? Thank you
Translated by Google!

You need a pressure switch that shuts off at 13.78 BAR.
Can you source VIAIR parts there? If so, source VIAIR Part Number 90221.
This is the pressure you need to get to 13.78 BAR (200 PSI). Be sure to run a relay with the pressure switch or you’ll destroy it with high amp draw.

you might need a safety valve rated higher than your pressure switch if its the kind of safety valve I’m familiar with.