Get in the chat!!!

its awesome. the more the merrier :cool:

Yeah the chat! C’mon everyone! It’s awesome!

what makes it better than this forum?

its live and its a part of this forum =P

its pretty much awesome, when people are in it… haha

In the chat people!

my computer sucks to bad. :frowning:

get in the chat. there are tons of people on. no one in the chat wtf. do work son

Let’s go guys I see 5 other people online right now! To the chat everyone!

C h a t !

Click this GO TO THE CHAT!


I’m in the chat…no one on :frowning:

get in the chat come onnn


Bugger!! no one in here again!!!

get in the chat come on!!!

To the chat peoples!

get innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

And that, sir, is what she said

Sorry, I had to do it :D:D

hahaha u got me thats ok lol