Having a problem with fuses

EDIT - Please see the latest replies, there is now a new problem that has popped up.

the main power wire to the compressor should be run directly from the battery with a inline fuse at the battery. and if your running from the front of the vehicle to the back i would suggest 8 guage wire no smaller than 10 guage.

I wouldnt suggest tieing into the amplifier power unless you have atleast a 4-8 guage amp kit run to the back with a distrobution block.

Yeah it’s 4 or 8, can’t remember exactly. I’ll just try taking the power out of the amp and wiring directly to the compressor, although I don’t see how it should make a difference since the fuse still blows although the amp is off.

If it blows again, I’ll get some pictures up.

what size fuse is it?

It’s the 20A fuse that came with the shocker set. I’ve even put in a 40 and had it blow.

i dont think a wire could be “to big” and blow fuses…unless your running something like 4/0 wire…if anything, it would have to be to small…but i could be wrong.

i would just take a wire and run it straight to the bat. with a inline fuse. dont take your time, just run it and try it and see what happends…if it works then run the wire right and keep it that way…if it still blows, id check the ground again…

The compressor power is hooked straight up to the power that was from my amp(which was straight from the battery with a fuse in the middle.) Same thing with the ground. I know both the power and the ground are fine, or else I would have been having this problem with the amp. Fuses are still blowing like crazy. It seems like it fills up fine the first time but blows sometime while I’m driving/honking.

try running a smaller wire and see what happends…worth a try…

sounds like a bad ground or something is touching

I don’t believe it is a bad ground or the power wire touching metal anywhere as I took them right out of the amp and wired them straight up to the compressor. If it was a bad ground or power wire, wouldn’t I be having the same issue with fuses blowing when they are in the amp?

I’ll get pictures up tomorrow/later today depending on your time zone.

I’ve taken it to several car shops and asked several people’s advice and they all wind up saying the only thing that they can think of is the compressor. How can I go about having this problem finally resolved, I haven’t been able to truly enjoy the horns since day 1 and I’m tired of buying fuses lol.

I didn’t read everything above, but have you checked your voltage at the amp?
Low voltage would draw higher amperage…

If all other possibilities have been explored - I would start looking at running a separate/dedicated wire and fuse accordingly.

Even if you bought a cheaper brand 4 or 8 guage amp kit and temporarily ‘rigged’ it…
…it might give you some answers.

Can’t stress enough - that the ground be to bare metal with paint ground off & use a decent bolt. No drywall screws. Just trying to help.

Good luck.

I have taken the amp out of the setup entirely so the power and ground are used solely for the compressor(no sound system at all,) so it’s basically the same as if I were to spend the time and money to run a separate line, except at least I found out if it would have helped beforehand.

i agree with ear2ear, i would bypass the entire amp set up and run a power line just for the compressor, thats how i have mine with a 20 amp fuse and it works great!..good luck

Well that is how I have it now, but still having the problem.

where is your ground located, maybe try a different spot?

It’s the same ground wire that was used for the amp and worked perfectly. I had the sound system professionally installed by this car shop that has always done good work for me, and I’m sure they knew where to ground to.

hmmm, have you called Hornblaster to see what they say?

The reason I say to try a completely different wire is because you have 2 things left…imo The compressor and the original wire you’ve been dealing with.

In your original post or two you mentioned that this only happens while driving around. Since you took the amp out of the equation, it might be a short somewhere. Maybe somewhere between the fuse & the compressor or even in the compressor or in the relay.

Pretty soon you’re going to have to get a little aggressive with trying new parts…be it the wire, relay, or actual compressor. Sorry for your troubles man.

Hope you get this figured out. Do you have a multi-meter?

It’ll blow without me driving as well - but always fills up fine the first time. I at least know the short isn’t in the power wire going back from the battery, as I’ve hooked it back up to my amp recently so I could listen to my system while going on a trip. If it had a short in that wire, wouldn’t it not work for the amp when I have it hooked up?

I believe there may be a multi-meter around here somewhere, just have to do a little digging to find it.