Having trouble wireing my horn to the steering wheel button

Please help if u can. I have a train horn tht works off of two pumps instead of an air tank which works off of 2 relays wen I wire it to wire from steering wheel it starts blowing dnt no y cus it’s 2 negitive wires. Please help thanks

what year and model vehicle?

You must be tapped into the wrong horn wire.

04 Chevy silverado. The factory horn works likes it should. It blows one way and when I flip the switch it dnt and when I hook ground from train horn relay to other side of switch it starts blowing without pressing steering wheel button

Like boondocked - I wonder if you’re into the wrong horn wire.

It’s hard to picture what you’re doing with the relay, but I did a writeup with a diagram here (no relay):

I have relays on my pumps it dosent store air just blows air out. I have it hooked up on a button but I want it hooked to the steering wheel. I did it the same way as the link u sent me but I cut the ground wire and not the hot wire. But wen I hook the Train horn to the wire from the wheel it grounds it and blows without pushin steering wheel

Pretty hard to diagnose an electrical issue without seeing it.
You’ll probably need a volt meter to get it figured out.

The coil side of the relay needs a + and a - to activate it.
Somehow you are providing both before you press the steering wheel botton.

Something somewhere is either reversed or the wrong wire.

On my relay there is 4 prongs on one I have a hit wire from battery on another is a jumper wire to the hot wire and then I have the positive side of the pump the I have a ground wire that goes to the switch I have now but wen I hook tht wire to the wire from wheel it grounds without pressing horn in wheel?

So with the jumper, the coil in the relay is always getting positive power… it is waiting for a switched ground. Apparently it’s getting it through the stock horn.

Instead of a switched ground make it a switched positive. That means removing the jumper and grounding one side of the coil. Then hook the other side of the coil to your horn wire or through your toggle switch or whatever.

This is only a suggestion because I’m not there to know what’s going on, but that would probably solve your problem.

So u r sayin take jumper wire off And wire my toggle switch to tht prong? If the steering wheel wire is grounded wouldn’t I have to hook a ground to it or would I hook a hot to it? Or would I ground tht prong and run a wire to the other prong for my switch? Sorry i am confusing u lol I may can email u a pic of my relay and label each wire as I have it

I dnt have but one ground prong on the relay. It’s numbered 30,85,86, and 87. I have fuse link from battery goin to 30 I have jumper from fuse link to 86 I have positive side of pump to 87 and I have my ground on 85 tht goes to a push button but when I take 85 and touch tht wire to wheel wire it blows without pushing wheel bottom

Wire from steering wheel to center prong of toggle switch.
One outer prong of toggle switch to factory horn.
Other outer prong to relay pin 86.
Ground relay pin 85.

That should be it. No jumpers. Exactly like the diagram. Instead of a solenoid on a valve, you have a tiny solenoid/coil in a relay. Pins 85 & 86 are interchangable just like how some solenoid valves have both wires the same color.

I did like u said but nothing happened it looks like I have to have 2 positives coming in to relay to power accessory would I need to put another relay in to Chang from positive to beg and just use positive side of factory horn?

You will not need 2 relays.
You need to find out if the wire from the steering wheel is pos or neg.
Do you have a voltmeter or test light?

I have a test light but not a meter. I think the wire from wheel is a ground wire. I think I have to break the ground until I press wheel button. I been workin on this for like 2 weeks I just can’t figure it out. But not sure how to break it like the factory horn

Best to find out for sure if the wire from the steering wheel is switched pos or neg.

If it is indeed a switched ground, you could go back to the jumper between 30 & 86.
Then I wonder if you had the wires on the correct prongs of the toggle switch. The wire FROM the steering wheel needs to be on the center prong. The wires to the 2 horns have to be on the outer prongs.

How will I figure if it is switched pos or neg? If I put jumper bak on 86 and pos on 30 wen I hook 85 wire to my toggle switch it starts blowing. It’s like it grounds the relay and makes it blow I am lost and about ready to give up lol I dnt no y u have to push wheel button for factory horn but wen I touch train horn wire to wire from wheel it completes the ground it may not b possible

Use your test light.

If it truly is switched negative for the stock horn, you’ll have to continue that and do switched negative to the other relays. Is that why you mentioned using another relay? - to get it back to positive?

It’s so hard to diagnose this stuff without seeing it.

Yea but how would I make it a switched negitive?

One way is like you’ve been doing with a positive jumper.

But you need to find out if the wire from your steering wheel is+ or -.

I think the wire from steering wheel is neg but I think t need to break the ground somehow would it b possible to tap into the factory horn relay to power the other relay?