Hello from Long Beach CA!

New to the forum, Just thought I’d say hello to everyone.
I see there is quite a few knowledgeable people on here in the way of the train horn…I’ve seen some excellent advice and sweet installation tips. (Been watching the forum for a while) Talk to ya all later!

‘05 F250 SD, 10" lift, Pro comp 20"x38" extreme terrains,
Banks intercooler, Banks high ram, Edge Juice w/ attitude,
straight pipe (sounds great!) Sidewinder drop down steps, plus much more!
2 Viair 380c, 12 Gal tank, 1/2" solenoid w/ all 1/2" line to KLA3, shockingly loud!
50’ hose reel in bed next to 30 gal transfer diesel tank, also 80 gal diesel/transfer tank behind below bed rail tool box all out of sight.
200 Watt P.A., simulated air horn and light controller for strobes/LEDs and traffic advisor. Ok I’ll stop…I love my baby!

UM First of all welcome second


Got to wait till the weather is better and can wash the truck. But on the way!


Def. post some pics of that monster.

Welcome, you should have plenty of time this week as the weather here should be nice according to the 7 day report.

Since you have a 10" lift, do you take it off road?

welcome to the forum

welcome! lifted trucks kickass

Ha, I have not had time at all lately, besides it would get dirty! LOL Just kidding I cant wait to try it out buy not many places to go wheeling in Long Beach. Maybe I could find some sweet land scaping to tear up!

Maybe not in Long Beach but there’s places within a 2 hour drive in almost any direction.


Golf courses are always a fun place… JK that would be awfull. Welcome

truck @ the beach.jpg

Damn, I dont know how to blow it up!

that bishh is badddd

horn install 2.jpg

I give up, both pics were there in the preview but not when I post it!

K3 on my F250. 12 gallon tank, dual viair 380Cs, 1/2" solenoid and lines. Custom solid 3" by 1/4" steel flat bar steel mount for all of it.

Lets try this again…


pictures are really small

I know, unfortunately I don’t know as much about computers as I do pneumatic and electrical systems! We all have our flaws…

Awesome truck. I wish my Silverado was that big. Are those toyo a/ts? I was running those tires and decided to upgrade to 37" toyo m/ts with 20s as opposed to 35s and 18s. I’ll get Rigo to take some pics maybe tomorrow.