Help w/air tank

1st and foremost, I don’t know who runs this mb but i have asked for my username to be changed about 2 wks now and no replies, lol and the funny thing is I couldn’t remember the user name (it has my e-mail address as a name go figure) and it took me 3 days to finally remember that’s what is being used (saw that it has a members list and just went all thru it) but the part where it says Forgot UN/PW click here for a new one ? That e-mail has been coming to me by pony express…

Any ways on to my question, I have a 3 horn set up in the back that I placed on my truck w/a gallon tank that we learn real soon from the get go that it’s way too small, I want to change it to 5 gallon tank as I have plans to place 3 more horns in the front of the truck.
What I need your help with is knowing do we just run another line from the tank to the front solenoids on the new added horns and what is the purpose of compressors I have seen lately ppl having w/only 3, 4, 5…etc ?

Also I am running individual solenoids on each horn as was told this makes them even louder but for some strange reason they just don’t seem too loud to me.

Will adding the front 3 help here much, or what about these K5LA or Leslies that I have been reading about.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Shadow Kennels

well what horns are u running anyways?? hope their not the cheap horns from truck stops! if so, dont waste ur time, buy some hornblaster horns…
if u have hornblasters horns then ur in good shape…
next ur just wasting money running a seperate solenoiod to each horn… put ur horns on 1 manifold and run 1 valve to them…make sure ur valves are SMC…
Next when u switch to 5gallon, just run 1 airline to a manifold that splits into 3 more airlines that will run to ur horns, do that to the horns up front and in the back…
Next i dont understand ur compressor question…
Finally, the K5LA or Leslies are waaay louder then any horns u have on there right now… They are the most popular horns around and to me are by far the best horns… But you have to pay the price for them…

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if u are running individual solenoids, your air supply should be okay on small horns. if you are running anything with nathan airchime or leslie on it, i would recommend nothing lower than a 12 gallon air tank. the cfm input for these horns are great. espically leslies which eat air like no tomorrow.

Again I want to thank every one here with all their replies/responds and help.

I am in the midst of getting a Nathan Horn I found that some gentleman is selling and will placing it out front on the truck,
Now one of my concerns is …and what I think “Scaredu” did not understand as I was the one who posted it wrong was, all these ppl with 2 compressors (and some with more, lol) are they doing this because they “need to” or simply for a faster re fill on the tank ?
Meaning, will I need to get another compressor to run both horns now, or will one suffice for my needs ?

The horns I have now are the Kleein horns (sold by Pushcart ?) and they are loud, I am just never satisfied I think and until I actually hear a Nathan up close and personal I will not be fully convinced about the “loudness” etc…

Again thank U all for all the help…

Shadow Knls

P.S. Now to find a moderator, lol

Well when you get the Nathan, post up some pics… Would like to see them…

But as for your compressor question, which I’m glad you reworded it…lol
People run dual compressor for multiple reasons. Most common reason is more air faster…
But also think of it like this, I have a 12 gallon tank, I would not want 1 compressor trying to fill that tank by its self… Because thats too much of a pay load for one compressor to do…
Now you said you want to change to a 5 gallon tank, which is good because you will need to have more air then 1gallon to have any type of fun with the nathan. The nathan horn eats up alot of air, so 1gallon tank wouldnt even do a full blast… Your tank would be empty, by you just thinking about to honk your horn…lol
But to further answer your question, what type of compressor do you have?
If you have a good compressor, 1 will be fine on a 5gallon tank… But if you want more air faster, go with dual compressors…

As for your name and everything… PM me what your trying to get done…

If you don’t have the room for multiple compressors but still want the performance check out the Oasis XD3000 air compressor on hornblaster’s website.

Just 1 XD3000 will do the same job as 4 to 6 of the smaller compressors. It also draws about the same current and cost about the same as 4 to 6 of the smaller compressors. It is oil lubricated which requires adding and changing the oil occasionally.

Its major advantage is the ability to run air tools, fill up tires, and still blast those horns quite often.

Dan are you serious lol? No offense but if I wanted to put an Oasis in my car I would have to buy a heavy duty new alternator. Those things draw way more power Idk why you say they dont lol.

lol dan is really pushin those oasis…

That’s his job tho. :smiley: That’s what he is supposed to do. lol

yea i know…i was just pointing out the obvious…lol

Haha. alright

The “overall” current draw of any 12V compressor is about the same. An Oasis just does it in a shorter period of time. How much current does 6 Viairs draw running at the same time? It all boils down to how much performance do you want.

There are batteries available that will run the Oasis compressor for 10 minutes without your engine running. The compressor can fill a 10 gallon tank to 150 PSI in less than 2 minutes so unless your blowing those horns a lot more than most people, your vehicle will charge that battery while you drive.

if you’re just horn happy or want do more than just blow horns then get the higher output alternator and the Oasis compressor.

I understand what you are saying Dan, but who here uses 6 Viair compressors at once rofl? Maybe Id use 6 compressors if I owned a 40 gallon tank and drove around in a dump truck. The idea just isnt logical to me. Im not trying to be an donkey to you or anything, but you have to admit Oasis compressors do draw alot more power than lets say 1-2 Viair compressors.

What you say is true but “It all boils down to how much performance you want”.

True True, but I dont think most of us here need that much performance.

My next build… once im out of college lol. like 5 K5LAs muahahaha

in all an fairness and EDC is still my opinion best compressor to get for that type of money

I dont care, im getting 5 K5LAs lol

and putting them where!!! ur car prolly cant hold 1…lol