Horn etiquette...is it OK to scare bums?

So, I was downtown the other day and saw four homeless people huddled under an overpass. A fifth one was standing out by the ramp entering the interstate, panhandling for change. As i got closer, I started slowing down and reached forward like I was going to open my windows then BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP as I pushed the gas pedal and sped off. The guy threw his arms up in the air and started yelling something at me, while his friends all ducked for cover.

Is it wrong to mess with the homeless? I feel bad for them and have given them money in the past, but I almost hate going downtown any more because they are constantly begging me for money. I can’t go to a gas station. I can’t go to McDonald’s. I can’t go to Starbucks. You would think that the businesses downtown would do their best to keep the panhandlers off their property. It definitely makes their business go elsewhere.

I’d say they’re fair game…

I say they’re fair game and I don’t even like scaring people. I think anyone can clean up and get a job somewhere, McDonald’s, whatever. I have only given a bum money once and followed him to see where he went with the money… Bet you’ll never guess!

of course they are just look at my videos =D bums are the best!!1

i kno what u mean abou the bums i work in downtown st pete and they are everywhere… we had this bum for a while who would poop on out sidewalks and stuff, pee in a cup and just throw it… i got fed up calling the city to come clean it…so i called the cops and hes gone for now…but its a huge problem here too

Where are your vids?

fair game to me, i think even they should TRY to make money somehow… in FL there are tons of illegals working for landscaping companies, so why cant a bum do the same?

Don’t they have enough problems already…

Fair game. The only two I won’t do is old people and people with babies in their arms or a stroller.


just search for “hookerhonking” or “urbandisorder.com” on youtube they are from my old website they are listed on this forum somewhere

ah found it http://www.trainhornforums.com/thread95.these_are_my_old_videos.html

Fair Game, don’t see bums around where I live,( just loosers) Light em up!

we got two panhandlers that work a busy interstate off ramp , come right up and look in your window. well last fall someone got one of them on video gettin in his old ladys Tahoe and then 2 days later they got him again getting dropped off.then if made the news but they are still out there just about every day and I see people still giving him money these boys are fair game!

lol speaking of funny stories. down on campus my brother and I were both driving home. well anyways some hobo walks up to my window (it was down) well anyways. I “search for some change” and end up pulling my horn trigger. Then my brother decides to chime in with his train horns as well :D. so 2 shockers blasting with 150psi each emptying our tanks. I swear that guy did track back in the day bc of how fast he sprinted away. lol good times

fair, 99% of the bums love the horns!

Honblasters video proves that lol

me and 2 of my cousins were eating lunch at a restraunt and there was a bum guy wanting to wash windsheilds so we told him to come wash the rear window on my truck when he was done with the car he was doing… we had some fucked up halloween masks in the truck so my cousin puts one on and lays down in the bed of the truck and we get the guy to come over he gets about 2 feet from the truck and my cousin pops up and screams the guy dropped his bottle of cleaner arm full of newspaper screams and hauls donkey all the way down the parking lot funniest poop i’ve ever seen

haha thats awesome

LOLOL thats funny