HornBlasters 100W Public Address Has Arrived!!!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…
(and if you haven’t… you should have been!)

Introducing the (second) best accessory you’ll ever put on your car…
(obviously we prefer horns…)

The 100 Watt HornBlasters Public Address

High-Res Photo

This thing is looooud!: It’s as loud as the ones law enforcement use.
It has three sirens: wail, yelp, and high/low.
It has the air horn sound we all dread to hear.
It makes every time you get into your vehicle more fun than you can imagine.

Maybe you want to yell hi to your buddy…
Or maybe you want to get a girls attention…
Or how about telling the #&@()($@ in front of you to get out of your way!
This is the toy for you!*

(*Well we can’t condone anything illegal, so what you do is your business.)


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Oh yeah, the amp and speaker are both metal!

Is the “Radio” feature an auxilliary input? In other words, can you input a mp3 or radio into the P.A. system? I would like to play the “Ice Cream” truck theme while rolling around the ghetto… :smiley:

if its like any other siren… its “radio rebrodcast” to send audio from the emergency 2 way radio through the loudspeaker

But I don’t have an emergency 2-way radio… I’m asking if this input for the radio is something like a mp3 input or some type of input maybe I could wire up for that purpose. I apologize for my ignorance on P.A. systems.

What’s the two on/off power switches on the right for?

I have my CB hooked up to the radio rebroadcast.

Mine is very similar. I have a federal signal PA300

Actually, I bought mine about three weeks ago!! W00t I get mine tmrw. I’ll document the install very well. I can’t wait!!

I’m afraid its not. The ‘radio’ function is the public address. ‘Manual’ is manual siren, the rest are as labelled (wail, yelp, high-low).

The two toggle switches on the front can be used to control two auxiliary items (lights, compressor system, horn toggle, etc).

Then theres the horn/siren paddle; this activates the air horn sound, or the siren for as long as you hold the paddle up/down.

Hope this helps answer some questions

I want this soooo bad. Dunno, You can almost piece it together for what they’re asking for it.

If you piece it together it might not be of the same quality. We guarantee this products performance and even back it up by a 1-year warranty.

The unit also comes with hardware, a wiring harness, and a bracket for mounting

i think i would get myself in trouble with this so im gonna pass on this one…

As it should. The horn function, does it make that BOOOOOMMMMMP sound that police use when they run red lights?

I know right? But you already have a pa??? What, just no siren?

its just a cb radio with a pa speaker. id get in trouble with the sirens cuz id be stupid with it and use them all the time. especially the police horn.

I think I AM going to get into trouble…I’m really paranoid that it’s gonna go off lol. Except it does have an off switch.

I finally finished the install!!! It’s actually a pretty ghetto install, I’m a little ashamed of it. Pics/vids tmrw.

The siren is loud as shi+. The mic sounds like it should be a little louder for some reason. Maybe because I have it on radio. I’ll tinker with it more tmrw. I might go hornblasting tonite w00t!!

i was going to buy the siren but nop i know myself and i now ill get into big trubles so i just got the pa and air horn lol… siren = big trubles

Is their any way to disable the siren? Just wondering. I just got home form hornblasting. It was funn especially with the P.A and big echoey buildings. If anyone’s lookin for a pa, this is it.

I got this one black guy and two girls. The girls didn’t scream but the guy screamed soo high pitched. I laughed on the P.A and then said “god you laugh like a girl hahaha”

I have the video. It did happen.

I’m riding on the fence so hard on this one. I’d love to have sirens to play with and it really would be a kick-*** jeep with TRAIN HORNS AND SIRENS… But I may end up just getting a CB with a P.A. function or piecing together a P.A…

From what I’ve read, if they hear that siren and pull you over and see it, either from looking in the window or searching your car, that’s impersonation of a cop and in most cases is a felony offense. I don’t need a felony, kinda limits your job opportunities after one of those. Thanks, but no thanks.

But I still really really do want it. :rolleyes:

I believe you’re referring to the ‘air horn’ sound. In which case, yes!

You don’t have to use the sirens.

& never impersonate an officer. Not even jokingly… the police force won’t think its that funny

Really? Yeah it sounds like trouble. Im not sure if the train horns would get you in the SAME type or amount of trouble. Sirens can be considered impoersonating an emergency vehicle and train horns could be disturbing the peace, excessive noise, or wreckless endangerment. I got a wreckless endangerment for bumping my (competition at the time) sound system outside of a school.

Mic needs to be louder? Hmmm. got me thinking. It has a gain on the radio though right? I’ll wait for you to get through tinkering. I myself, want a whelen because their version of 100w is a BEAST. when the po-po tell you to get over, its not so much that you heard it inside of your car but its the other people that heard it too.

Well, you need to get your face close to it and you have to talk a little bit louder than room conversation loud.

I’d have to say its worth it.


Here you can sort of hear what it sounds like. Just like the shocker, the video does no justice to how loud the P.A is.