Hornblasters court case!

lol i knew the title would make you look lolol

Anyway i had a court case aginst my neighbor yesterday (in short his dog kept shitting in my yard one morning i peeled out to scare the dog and he threatens me) anyway just wanted to say my sticker and my horns were brought up in court by him for some unknown reason lol laughed my donkey off when the judge kept rolling his eyes at him

lol yeah wtf does that have to do with his dog takin a deuce in your yard? so what exactly happened in court?

LOL thats a good one

uum so why ru in court?? still dont get it… whats he sueing u for? lol

i filed a warrant on his donkey for telling me he had a gun and would blow my fing head off =) even though hes a fat donkey 56 year old puss

crazy old fat man. i got me a CCW permit when i turned 21 for that very reason. does no good if hes not holdin the gun i guess but still…he threatened that because you scared his dog??? what??

Man: this man has a Train horn on his car…
Judge: wtf next case lol

Man: this guy has a train horn on his car…
Judge: OoooO Whered you get it?!? lol

lol u should honk at him everytime u see him now…

[/b]got to love ******* neighbors! sounds like my old next door neighbors.she was a pain in my azz,the fat azz *****!:smiley:
actually what you need is rubber gloves pick up the neighbors dog droppings and re-deposit them on his house,tell him your returning the favor.:smiley:

In the past I’ve kept a small shovel handy. A little less personal contact than using gloves. One quick motion for the pick up, and then a quick toss and twist the shovel face as you do, creates greater velocity and gives a “spray” affect.

Best of luck with it :smiley:

Try the old trick of putting it in a paper bag at night, light it, ring the doorbell and run…lol

haha just chuck it at there house and hope it makes a mess :smiley:

Go old skool…

Just crap on his lawn… yourself…

best revenge ever!

crap on their porch… that way they are for sure to see it.

someone knows it from experience??

Haha Me, Myself , and Irene. Jim carry does that lol.

Not yet, but I’m about to.

I have a neighbor who LOVES to let his mutt crap on my front lawn. I’ve stepped in it about 5 times now when mowing the lawn. If I see it happening, I’m going to clothesline that motherfu$%er, and then shoot the dog !!

spread some pepper in your yard…worth a shot…