Hornblasters PA/Siren

Picked up the new 30w PA/siren from hornblasters from version7 for a deal i couldn’t refuse! Install was less than 10min with mounting the speaker. The only fault i see is it doesnt come with an on/off switch if its connected to a constant 12v. This PA is the best bang for your buck. the same ones ive seen on ebay are about $50. Now i wanna find a way to amp it up :smiley:


your knees feeling any better?

rugburn is a bi+ch lol

Sweet Good Job Brizzle!

nice… off my cb i have 2 speakers…bit ch is loud

where i can get that same pa system bro



hahah u put it really big so i can see it ah lol, and how much is it ?

how come its not on the website?

its cheap. like 30 or so dollars. call up hornblasters, i forgot what they said

Its only a 30 watt or whats the output…??

its a 30 watt

special Forum Pricing. Not on the website yet bc our web guy is taking a little break but will be back up and on the site ASAP!

haha i was messing with people in a parking lot…hilarious! well worth the $ i got it from version for!

hey brizzal can u make a vid so i can see how loud it is bro???

he has a video its on the first page


lol briz you gotta make it big so he can see it lmao =P


Any pictures of the unit itself?

its just the speaker with a + and -, and the cord to the mic