How old is Joo?

Lets see what the age range of this forum is… VotE! ur name will not be shown.

19 here




25 until June the 1st :).

19…20 on July 18th, sezzer

Just turned 19 at the end of December

come on Dan we’re waiting for you to check off OLD donkey FART

Boy im starting to feel old.

you are… haha :smiley:

18 hereeeeeeeeeeeeee

29… I’ll be 30 in September

22 son 22

20 :slight_smile:

Just turned 40 weekend before last…

Old Fart is right, older than dirt, and too old to care…LOL!

You’re all just a bunch of young kids to me but I’ll be 58 in May if it makes you feel better.

that right there is fawucking awesome :smiley: