Hummer H3T

I will take a shot at this. I own a 2009 base model Hummer H3T. I bought it new back in 2008 because I loved the way it looked. After taking it for a test drive, I knew I wanted to strike a deal with it. So after the negotiations and me ready to walk, they met my terms and I signed the papers. This is also the ride that has my horns on it. The horn was one of the first things I did to it once I got it home.

I have gone through several stages of mods, but here is how it sits today.

And if there is any doubt in your mind that I don’t take it off road, here you go! :smiley:

I do have plenty more, but I figured I would share some with you. :cool:

WOW! When i see all that mud the first thing that comes to mind is hours and hours of pressure washing , clay bar , polish and wax…

Awesome truck!

Sweet truck - heck I didn’t even know they made an H3 truck. :frowning:

Thanks! Yeah, that one was a $30 DIY wash for the paint. I have a little bit of a system down now. I blast the paint, then wait a week for the undercarriage. Then I can get under there and pull out the dirt clumps. My neighbors will call the cops on me if I cleaned it in the driveway…

Thank you! 2009 was the first year and they were limited production. Then in 2010, they were really limited because they shut down the whole line. I want to say there was only about 4,000 H3T’s made since the beginning, but don’t quote me. :smiley:

were the skid marks in the mud from braking or winching…lol

Actually, they were from driving. Our mud is actually clay, and with the conditions the way they were, the mud just stuck to everything it could. That’s why the tires are so packed. I’m not one of these guys who claims to “Never” get stuck because it happens to everyone who off roads. If you don’t then you are not trying hard enough. :smiley: I was stuck before I took that picture, which made me want to try it again to get through it without winching. That was the after effect. I did make it through.

Do you have any vids?

I do… I have to look for them. Should I put them in here, or the video section?

Here is a link to one of them in a tunnel near the airport here in Buffalo. My friend’s brother was taking it with his phone so it’s not the best…

Not too shabby!

Either or… How bout some offroading vids? I allready know what your horn sounds like… ( remember you blasted me the other day outside, lmao!)

BTW- i love going thru that tunnel and hitting the k3! It echos like a mo fo!

nice looking truck, you really get it muddy LOL

I has saw it’s share of mud. I do have a few videos of it. Here you go!


[/b]Not exactly off roading, but it was a funny random thing.

Here is an undisclosed location locally.

Different line.

Yeah, I didn’t mean to get you with it. It was an added bonus I guess. LOL! We need to cruise with each other. Kids are the best to scare. You can get them first, then I will get them AGAIN right after. Hahaha! I would imagine the K3 would be crazy in there too.

Damn bro, looks like you went over the curb into advance auto, lmao!

I could watch mudding vids like that all day! Your truck is sweet!

It sure was Advance! You have AT’s right? Let’s get you out there! :wink:

LOL, i know that road very well…

I have BFG TA KO’s currently, but need new tires definately before next winter… I’m hoping these can get me past my inspection in 2 month’s… Then i will just wear them down to nothing until i but my new ones before november… If i went offroading in anything like that mud, we would need a tractor to pull me out, hahaha.

New tires i am planning on are Cooper st maxx

That’s why I have that crazy tow strap on the back of my truck. It works too! Go talk to Randy at Reid’s and tell him I sent you there. Nobody can beat his prices on tires and we have known him since he was in high school.

Reids on seneca i assume?
I went there around october last year and they were completely out of my size (265 70R17) and on national backorder they said… which actually worked out since we had an extreme mild winter and i didnt need to use 4x4 but 3 times.