I think I literally have the loudest K5 ever..lol

Alright, so this isn’t to boast, I mean i’m sure SOMEONE, if not a few others have done something similar. :slight_smile:

Well, in my quest to find a K1L bell, I failed to make the K5 I wanted with a K1L,1,2,2,3 and low manifold…so, next best thing went and visited matt and the guys at hornblasters, picked out a fresh couple restored 1 bells and manifold, more air, and more valves…

Wound up turning my K3l into a monster-
it’s now a K5L manifold, 1,2,1,3,1 bells…and running 2 1/2" valves to it, with 1/2" ID air line, at 200psi with about 13 gallons of air. Needless to say, it’s a freaking monster…my friend was outside of his house on his bike, 3 miles away from where I honked, called me up and said it was literally loud enough for someone to say wtf was that…(I know that’s nothing special, but…the K3 wasn’t heard from there)

But I set off 2 car alarms yesterday, cars about 15ft away(didn’t know that was possible…)

I need to post up pics tomarrow, I’m still finishing my wiring for the different buttons, and switch for the stock horn…specs are in the sig. As for a Video, well it’ll be made within a few days when I figure out the damn HD format, but I could do a Iphone video…comments?

I really wanna come show matt, rigo, and the guys what playing around with different bells will do(haha), if you guys want me to come up there and let er rip I’d probably pick up a used 400c from you too;)

mannnnnn that is the definition of epic awesome! cant wait for vids and pics!

I need to hook the conductors back up too:p

poop son i have 2 k3’s in the front and a k5 in the rear,its so loud in the truck with the windows up

Nice Job Bro! i actually have a rebuilt 400c here in the office! let me know and i’ll take care of you on a good price on it!

Damn, thats crazy.

You should be setting off more alarms tho, I’ve set off a few with my 145psi HB4H that were parked a couple cars down from me.

You should have heard the K3 from the same distance as a normal K5. I don’t think that your K5 now is louder, I think it is due to the fact that longer wavelengths (lower sounds) travel farther. Each bell plays the same decibel level unless you modified them somehow.

nothing touches my twin k5s;)

Stock car alarms? vipers/cliffords are easy as he11 lol:)

Yeah, got me a little beat:p

I did, they were heard but not loud at all…just the faint train sound. It is louder, 2 1/2" ID lines going into it as opposed to just one, so it IS louder then a K3…the only reason a regularly installed K5 isn’t as loud is because it’s deprived of air, using only one line. I tested it using 1 line, then 2 back to back and it is literally a good 3db louder-louder then my k3 and hb4h blew together.
Modifications would only be the brand new diaphrams on all of them, and the sand cast 1, and 2 bell’s air holes slighty bored out.

How about maybe tomarrow?

vids or it didnt happen lol

pics will have to do for tonight:rolleyes:

Not sure how to make a good video…Guess I’ll figure something good out…:slight_smile:

It’s in the daily beater, it should be getting lifted 4-6" with some 35’s eventually. Horns weren’t painted, well, because I don’t see the point if they get dirty all the time from mudding. Wiring isn’t finished at all;)

haha the mutant horn looks awesome! cant wait to hear it! but is it only being held up by zip ties :open_mouth:

Please tell me that’s not a K5 held up with zip ties! Say it aint so!

whats your address btw?.. HAHA

that is a nice truck tho

lol…and bolts make what difference? I can’t weld and there’s no way to make a plate, I tried…nor U bolts, and anything else I could find at home depot…

Haha, actually, it was only zip ties for a while…they’re industrial badass zipties i’ve never had a problem with, but no, they are supported by a steel bracket of sorts. They aren’t going anywhere…it looks a lot more ghetto in the pictures;) I promise I know what I’m doing haha

Wow that horn isn’t going to last long. You’ll have a worn seat and diaphragms quick. And there’s no way your ears can tell a difference between 3 decibels. There’s a reason trains only run 135-145 psi and one half inch airline to the horns.

…but while it’s still working for now, I bet it is pretty frickin loud. But I have a feeling, running that much Pressure through it, it might Sound a lil too Squealy.

i just heard this thing and it is REALLY!!! REALLY!!! LOUD!!!