if you get a ticket!

and they do not get a decibel reading you can fight it in court!!!
vid soon (audio)

Wouldn’t that depend on your local laws? It doesn’t matter here, if a cop says he heard it and it was too loud, it was too loud. That goes for music or whatever. If you fight a cop in court and it’s their word againt yours, you lose here, in my state anyways.

also depends if cop shows up in court… also its always good to have lawyers…

fight it all the way. The worst thing that happens is you have to pay it… I learn from my mistakes lol.

think I’ll just throw myself on the mercy of the court.much cheaper than lawyering up over a $76.50 ticket!:smiley:

i would fight a 20 dollar ticket…lol

In Florida they can wright you for many reasons other than decibel rating, one is “Unreasonably loud and harsh tone” which is up to the officer.

yep… im going for a CJ degree and they can right you for that statue

blah blah blah if you have a train horn and honk it you most likely know that its illegal so if you get a ticket get over it and pay it its not like i go around with my car stereo and think i cant get a ticket for it i know its illegal here and i have paid prolly 10 different tickets for it but i keep doing it so i take the risk

if you dont want a ticket move somewhere where you can do it legally

Tickets are stupid… but someone has to pay for the roads. lol

haha cuz i destroy the roads…lol

DUDE thats amazing. I didnt realize it would spark that much. thats freakin awesome :smiley:

thanks… yea that was from last wednesday drivin home from a car/truck meet…
people said theyve never seen someone throw that many sparks…lol
i had cars infront of me pulling over on the shoulder to get outta of my way…lol

dude, thats almost better than sex

Please pardon my ignorance, but WAT in HELL do you have that on your truck that makes all the fireworks ?!?!?!

air bag suspension… basically allows you to raise and lower your truck to a certain extent… I dont know about Scaredu’s truck, but to lay frame (what he is doing) you modify the frame of the truck so when the air bag suspension is deflated then the frame of the truck scrapes the ground and thus the sparks.


Wow. I have a lot to learn here …

Another ignorant question, and so I’ll apologize in advance, but if your frame is dragging on the road, doesn’t that damage the frame?

Usually you bolt dragging blocks (metal) to your frame. Or custom fabricate extra metal to your frame.

U can either drag frame, and rebuild ur frame again and again and again, or fab extra metal to the frame to drag, or drag the drag blocks, or drag trailer hitch balls…
either way is good…

Texas law states: You can not have no more than 5 gallons of air and/or 115 psi. So thats why i always have a regulated hose line in my truck that is at 110psi, just in case