Is it Saturday yet?

While I don’t think I can put a Conductor on it… this is coming home on Saturday to keep my '03 GSXR1000 company…

nice! and if theres a will theres a way, im sure u could get the horns on there somewhere…lol

Sweet Lookin Bike!!!

This is my '03 1K GSXR… Had her since new, wouldn’t part with her for the world, and she’s still in good shape. This photo is less than 3 months old.

That Makin U Famous Tag Is Awesome!

Thanks bro… I had that on my personal ride for a LONG time back when I was running Mini Truckin’ Mag.

Put some psycoblasters on it.

The idea is to strip down and lose weight - not add to it!
She’s a heavy biotch!!

Its going to be a big change from my 1000 that I’ve been riding for 5 years now…

i may get me a new 750 or 1000…i ride a 07 gsxr 600 right now…

lol looks like my friends garage… he has the same budnik wheels sign

I betcha he doesn’t have this:

That’s a matted and framed screen print of the first Mini Truckin’ T-shirt ever created, back in 1988…

Bids anyone? lol

nope but i’m drooling over that bike

Come down to VIAIR to get a closer look, she’s parked outside… :smiley:

How long does it take to mow with that mower? lol

Who cares? When I’m doing yardwork, its relaxing. If I let it go too long, I borrow the neighbor’s gas mower… plus I don’t have to store it or maintain it. I can do both front and rear lawns, with edging in about an hour…

Just trying to be a bit more green, that’s all. Even my edger is cordless electric.

Oh, just wondering. My friend had one and he could cut his yard better with scissors when the grass got high lol

FYI - she’s been home since Saturday!!

hey lance did u hear bout the 7000mile bike run, and winner wins 500,000 dollars?

I hope that’s enough to more than cover his hemorrhoids! LOL

165 miles on the bike now, btw.

New bike has been sitting since Sunday… will be until tomorrow. Too many miles, and she needs first service already!

BTW - I named her Shanaynay…

She’s big, black and has a huge a$$!