Is my new K5LA correct?

Hello guys, after a long wait I was finnaly able to get my K5LAs. They got here a couple days ago. I was just looking at the bells today and saw that the numbers on them are 1 2 3 4a and no number on the shortest bell. Is that right? should the 3 bell have a “A” on it too?

A K5LA should have bells 1,2,3A,4A,5. You have a non raised letter number 5 bell so thats why its not marked. The number 3 bell should be a 3A to make a proper K5LA. If it indeed is not marked with a “A” then that bell is made for a canadian tuned K5 (like a K5L/K5H, K5HL/K5LL)

It will most likely sound off but it cant hurt to hook it up and try. That horn needs at least a 1/2 ID line and around 100psi to sound it best.

Should I be worried that it’s a non marked 5 bell or is that OK?

So I think that non raised letter bell is just older then the rest. So it was cast at a different time. But its nothing to worry about. All that matters is the sound she makes.

Thank you for your help. I am going to talk to ask the place i got them from about the 3 bell not being a 3A. I ordered them from a reputable place that I have heard good things about on here I dont think there will be an issue. Is it worth changeing the 3 bell out for the 3A as far as the sound?

What was the name of the place you got them from?

yah its a good idea to swap it out with a 3a.

I ordered them from I hope they were reputable lol.

yah those guys are pretty reputable. I think the guy who owns it or something is on this forum or the Horn&Whistle board. Shoot them an email.

I emailed him at the website. Hopefully I’ll hear back. The 3 bell had some holes at the end of it too so I would rather change it out anyway for a 3A. Do you know what changes with an A? Is it a lower pitch?

Those hole your taking about are probably for snow cones. The 3 bell plays an A# and the 3A plays a G#.

Yeah the 3A plays a little lower.
I thought I heard that some didn’t get the A stamp. It must be true - I read it on the internets. Haha.

Seriously though, if you want to know for sure what you have, you can take off the back cap. The 3A will have a deeper bore than the Canadian 3. I have both, so maybe I can find an old pic from when I was painting everything. I’ll check tomorrow.

Thank you ear to ear that would be great. The guy at realtrainhorn has been helpful. He is saying just what you just said that some older 3A bells didn’t get stamped with the A. If there is a way to be sure I wouldn’t mind checking.

I have a lot more pictures at work, but this might be the best one that’s uploaded.
I think I was showing the difference between 3 & 3A and 4 & 4A. The bore is very shallow on the 3 & 4 (on the left).

Ok thank you. So my 3 if it is a 3A should look like the one on the right. I have never had these apart if I take the back cap off will I need to replace a seal? What do I relighted the bolts too? Is there a spec for this? Thank you.

There will be 2 diaphrams and a cushion between them. They are just loose in there. No seals or gaskets.

I don’t know of a torque spec for the bolts. Not super tight since we’re talking about small bolts and aluminum.

torque on back caps is 10-12lbs according to the guys at Horn and Whistle

Perfect. Thank you very much. I haven’t taken the cover off yet to check. I talked to the guy at realtrainhorns and he feels sure it’s an 3A just on that didn’t get the A stamped. He feels the whole horn is probably from the 80s area.

Sweet if its an 80’s k5la then I cant wait to hear it

I would love to be sure around what time it’s from. I know it’s been refurbished so it doesn’t have all the bells that I’m sure it came with. The numbers on the manifold are upside down. The bells have only the numbers on them not the raised “airchime” on them. The back caps have the small font part number. The 5 bell is large bore

Here is the back off of the 3 bell. Would you say its a 3A then?