is this man serious??

[b]was cruising ebay horn section and came across this he nuts or what?


LOL…I was checking the status of my Graham & White Valve that I have posted and saw this too…lol…My guess it that it is solid gold…lol…

yeah buck you valves making gold @ 103 and change!:smiley:

wow hes really hopin someone to bite on that…
i should list mine for 1,000,000,000 dollars… (does the little dr. evil finger)


No he’s not nuts. That’s a VERY RARE round base '51 M5. If a serious collector sees it, it will sell for that easily, it’s worth every penny.

that poop is crrazy who in their right mind would pay that

its the same guy on a collector forum, he asked everyone how much it would be, they say 1200. so he puts a buy it now of 2500…lame…

guess its a collector thing…

Nah brizzal. Read at the bottom what Mike said about it. 20-30% more than that.

And it’s no different than someone spending a ton on an airbag setup or someone paying thousands for a baseball card. It’s a hobby like anything else. Not everyone get horns to use irresponsibly.

why would someone buy a horn not to use them irresponsibly? :smiley: lol i guess that makes sense

LOL… i cant collect anything…i use everything… and if i dont use it, i sell it or throw it out…
cuz u come into the world wit nothing and u leave with nothing…no point in holdin on to things

same here

imo if your going to spend over a grand. Heck for this $2500, you should use it, but thats just my .02

i’d use any horn! if i got it is gonna be blasted!

but hey if could sell my horn to a collector for 2500 i would!

but why not sell them to someone who could use them =\

cuz with 2500 i could go buy more then 1 k5la…lol
money talks!

A collector wouldn’t pay too much for a K5LA, especially if it isn’t an older one. Now if it was a Holden SC K3L you could get quite a bit out of it.

Collectors look down (usually) on people who misuse horns. They do use them for runbys and horn honking events that are legal and set up in advance. They don’t want the rare ones to end up in the wrong hands. (Not aimed towards anybody here)

lol They can look down upon me. I really don’t care i’m having fun and that is all that matters to me.

we dont misuse!?! we are doing a public service!