k3/k5 installation in my crown vic

-I have pretty much decided on getting a k3 or k5 in the very near future (would prefer a k5 but don’t think that will be in my budget).

-I’m planning on putting everything in the trunk like my shocker set up. But I plan on making my Vic like the old terror on the streets crown vic.

-This will involve cutting out the deep floor of the trunk and leveling it to allow enough clearance for the horns to the ground.

I would love for some more pics of the Terror on the streets vic, installation pics would be perfect. Or if anyone has ideas about how to go about this please let me know. I do like the plexi-glass idea but have no idea where to get some of that, or what the best way would be to seal it as the new trunk floor (screws and caulking?)

If you’ve got a glass shop in your town they should be able to get you plexi-glass. I can even get it at my local Lowe’s.

yep i was just down at lowes the other day and asked if they carried it

okay so here’s the install so far… all i need to do is mount the compressors and wire it


I raised the trunk floor approximately 9 inches to make sure the k5 had enough ground clearance. I replaced the old sheet metal with a big thick piece of plywood that I weather proofed using some truck bed liner.

I mounted the wood on a 3/8" thick piece of steel (angle iron) and then bolted the corners to the parts of the trunk that were left with sheet metal screws. The tank is also mounted to the same angle iron. The horns are mounted to a 1/4" steel plate to disburse the weight. These things aren’t going anywhere… Pretty damn solid

Now i just have to mount the compressors and wire it. I’m also using some construction adhesive to get a complete seal from the outside

here’s a before pic of the trunk:

Wow looking great! That looks like it’s turning out really nice.

Nice job man! Only thing that would make me leary would be the wood but you did the work so you know how it will hold up to moisture and such. Great job again, looks good.

i was too at first but this thing seems pretty damn solid… not sure what else i’d be able to use without spending a big penny…

hopefully that is treated plywood or else it will be rotting out pretty quick from water…

That looks great, but instead of plywood, I would have used that hard plastic sheeting that they use to make hockey rink walls. It’s about 1/2" thick and very durable.

plexiglass? that stuff is so expensive in the size i’d need and probably way too flexible…

i’m actually going to get a thin piece of sheet metal to cover the bottom side of the wood… although i think the truck bed liner is probably enough

Much better… I took everything out today and put a layer of sheet metal over the wood.

here you can see how i mounted using the plate (there are 1" steel spacers used for the original horn mount so I have access to that green push to connect fitting that farmer69 sent me:))

damn that paint over the sheet metal is shiny!

just a FYI these horns are MUCH louder and the sound travels alot farther when pointed at the ground…atleast thats how my k5’s were

no way i can point them towards the ground thanks though

trains don’t have them like that so it’s OK with me

finished pics of the trunk:

Nice! Job well done Vance! That was quicker than I thought.

I bet your having some fun. Honk at any ladies at school?

appreciate it g man… but no I have yet to get people at school, i’ll change that tonight though :wink:

MY MAN! haah Nice. The 100 watt PA would be a perfect match.

We can’t wait to read the stories!

TONIGHT…Ears will bleed in New Hampshire! Good luck Vance.

I would get into big trouble with one of those PA’s considering I have an ex-police vehicle LOL

Oh yeah, that plate did the trick. Man that is NICE NICE NICE looking horn man. OMG. Paint is flawless. One day i will sacrifice some of my bed space and my sparre tire for an addition K-series. One Day.

Is it just me or is the sheet metal falling in the second pic?

Anyway looks great man!