K5LA air line size.

I wanted to know what size of air line should I put on my new K5LA set up? I have a Graham-White 353-101 1/16 metering valve also to use in this set up. With a 20 gallon air tank. This horn is going to be put on my 2008 3500 Dodge Ram 4X4 Cummins Diesel truck. Any info on setting it up would be appercaited.

Most people here are useing 1/2 dot airline allthough you can use bigger

Sounds good to me 1/2 dot air line.

hey guy, im running k5la with a 20 gallon tank as well to a 353 valve. i would recomend a 9/16inch hose line or 5/8 your choice or 1/2 if thats the route you go

Where do you find the 5/8 to 1/2 pipe push connectors at. I would like to use the 5/8 dot air line but can’t find the push connectors.

if you cant find them just use compression fittings

I thought you could just use compression fittings on the dot air line.

i use all copper 5/8 piping.and the flare fittings,works great and no leaks

Is there a problem with using the brass barbed fittings and standard goodyear rubber hose?

my experience with barb fittings is they have always leaked on me and compression fittings can hold more psi

yea most barb fittings cant hold high psi

i use 1/2 airline

Most people would go 1/2 airline. I on the other hand rock 5/16 because im baller like that.

LOL ballers rock k5las… say sumtin! lol

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thnks… buddy of mine made it

do not use that crappy dot air lines they are way to small. go to the hard ware store (I go to Lowe’s) and get eather 3/4 id or 5/8id hose (3/4 only if u can find a 1/2 pipe fitting to 3/4 id hose) check the max psi to make sure that they are rated at what you need and make sure to use 2 hose clamps on each barb fitting that have constant pressure on them

dont K horns only have a 1/2 npt input? if so theres no since in useing anything bigger than 1/2 ID airline if you do all your doing is creating a pointless bottleneck

no 1/2id hoses are smaller than 1/2 pipe fittings. Just compare them. a 3/4id hose is the same size as a 1/2 pipe fitting.

Can you show me a picture of the type of fittings you use to connect the hoses?