K5la install on a 01 silverado

:confused:Give me some ideas on what is the best install on my truck guys. Ive heard u bolts are the way to go and also heard fabing up a plate is best. Give me some ideas here. I think i will mount my tank and compressor i the bed since i do alot of mudding.

a plate to the spare tire mount is always a proven way…

hey i have an o1 with 2 k5s and tank and comp in my bed… i get u some pics… this is the best way that i found…

sweet donkey man. i would appreciate it. i had to cut my spare tire off a while back bc i got my body lift put on and they didnt relocate the tube to lower it. so i cut the cord with a ac torch lol :smiley: any pics and further advice would be greatly appreciated.

damn johnny, where the hell u been man?

ive been… honkin it the honk up…


where u been

Hah, honestly, 36" long, industrial indoor/outdoor zip ties are amazing when it comes to mounting k3’s, k5’s, shockers…Love them:D
Then reinforced with a couple u bolts:)

why would u wanna do an install 1/2 donkey do it right or just dont do it…

a $500 horn held by zip ties? thats a hell no i my book

Where do you buy K5LA’s for $500?

ebay… i just sold one for 550 lol

hey johnny when do i get those pics man??? lol

zip tyes are the best for shockers in the grill if you have no other place to put them!!

no more help or advice guys?? :frowning: lol

i would fab a plate to the spare tire mount, two horns forward three horns backward

Damn that…ALL 5 FORWARD!! :slight_smile:

yea thats what im leaning towards. think i should weld the plate on or bolt it on or what? some pics of previous successful installs would be highly appreciated. im getting them to tomorrow so i have to come up with a plan tonight :smiley:

look at slow hatch’s… lucky for him the spare tire crank and the holes on the manifold lined strait up… if you have aftermarket exhaust then they may not all fit one way… thats up to you the direction, personally i like how i suggested it but its up to you…

ok ill look harder but i didnt find him. but any other advice? and why face three back?