K5LA Pricing

Whats the going price for a set of K5LA nowadays? New and Refurb price?

buckfever, seems like there is a going price on ebay for new k5la’s of about 800.00 & up. the best deals are the ones that provide free shipping with by it now option. the k5la’s are heavy like 45lbs heavy.:smiley:

45lbs…:eek:…I am going to have to fabricate one hell of a bracket in my spare tire space underneath the bed…lol…I didnt realize they were that heavy.

yeah buddy…these horns are the poop… but u can do it! its worth havin these horns…

Ok, I got my stuff ordered. I am getting a refurb’d K5LA (tested by professional) Dual 480C Compressors, relays, 20 Gal Tank, 200 psi switch, electric solenoid, 3/4 air line, all fitting, hose clamps, brass barbs, the whole nine yards for $1368. I can get the same set up with a new set of K5LA from Nathan for $1589. I elected to get the refurb’d since they are just as good as the new ones. I will keep you all posted. I already got a buyer for my HB4H Conductors Set by my sister-in-laws husband. Things are falling in place boys, watch out…lol…

NICE!! good deal right there… post pics up when finished!
maybe even do a How To with the install…

buck fever , can I ask where you came up with a 20 gallon tank and how much?? inquiring minds need to know :smiley:

The 20 Gallon tank runs $189. 2 end ports 4 front ports and one bottom drain port.:smiley:

I’m jealous of all you with K5LAs. I bet it’s a blast. (pun intended)

just get one…
im jealous of Johnny with 2k5las…lol

ok lets see… 3/4 inch air line and 20 gal tank… with 2 480… poopy setup… u wont blow for a long time at all

i got 4 comps and 20 gals… and 1/2 air… and i get about 10 seconds of a goood good blast… so… and on top of that… 2 comp… 5 gal =1 compressor so if you got 20 gal u should have 4 compressors so it dodnt cut the life down on them and will fill faster…

Johnny, i am running 8.5 gallons of 200 PSI with 1/2 and i can get 15 seconds on my P3’s. and on my DD it is more(will get an exact time) with my 3500’s and psycho’s. same tank and line size.

you should never be jealous as long as you have a nathan airchime you are good. now alot of people are jealous of me in my city, 2 k5las 1 k3ha, and 2 black 4 piece sets with 20 gallon tank and 4 480cc

how long does it take u to fill ur tank up from 0psi to whatever ur running?

Hey scaredu you can never be jealous if you riding anything witha nathan/leslie then you are ridin good.

but i have just a “basic” setup jeremy…

I have a 2000 gallon tank and 30 compressors with 25 k5’s

dont even get me started on naming my horn collection, on my signature is just what i got on my vehicles. Do you have any round base m-5’s, o yeah i got 3 of those, do you have a Nathan Airchime N-3, FIRST PRODUCTION OF A M-3…?? I DO :slight_smile:

still basic compared to his setup! theres no variety lol

Oh yeah?! You have a N3? How about a H6?! I want to see pics of said N3.