K5LAs On A 2008 Crewcab Silverado

Here are the pics of the install on my 2008 Chevrolet crew cab short box. I had a alloy plate made to fit the battery box so I could mount the compressors on a flat surface. The compressors air intakes are plumbed to the engine air filter box, there is just enough room to fit both of the round filters inside, it takes a little modifying but cuts down on the noise and its double filtered. I Used the relays that was sent but my friend at his Auto eclectic shop had a dual relay mount from another application and used this to mount mine plus added a toggle switch under dash that will shut down the system. I used ½ DOT line from the compressors to the tanks and 5/8 DOT line from the tank to the valve and back to the horns. The tanks are setting on a custom stand that is over 4 ft wide so that it wont keep from sliding plywood or anything between the wheel wells. I used a ball valve and a male air coupler so if I want to file my tank in my shop quick I can save running the compressors as much and it’s a easy bleed off along with the gauge and quick coupler. I think having a manual valve inside the cab in the colder climates helps prevent freeze ups, from the research I have done here electric valves tend to ice up. The K5Las fit very nice under the rear of the 08 Silverado pickup once the spare is removed, you can really get it up high and out of the way. The mount I made I can take out 4 bolts and turn the horns 180 and bolt it back up which I will do come summer just to see if there is a difference in sound. Horns are powder coated. The Air Zenith gauge fits nice on the left of the steering column. I used Blue Loctite and had no leaks. Over 2 days it will drop maybe 6 – 8 lbs pressure. No problems with the system so far! I also want to thank Garrett for making sure I got everything needed to make this system work the first time Super guy to work with! If anyone has questions I would be glad to help what I can

New powder Coated K5LAs

Custom Alloy plate made for battery tray

Graham White with 5/8 Line

Dual 480s

Compressor intakes to engine air box

Nathens up high N out of sight

After 6 weeks of salt and sand driving

Custom Stand

Ball Valve Gauge and chuck

Air Zenith Gauge in dash

this setup looks awesome…a++++++++
like the air zenith psi guage

ive always looked for a good look gauge but could never found one!

great install the powdercoat on the horns before is sick!

Very clean install…too bad it’s on a GM!:stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice… love the guage

sweet install man! GM FTMFW!! the new silvys are my favorite

LMAO SUPERDUTY! I was thinking the same thing but thinking too bad it’s not on a TOYOTA :D:D:D seriously though that is one clean set -up! :cool:

thanks guys, hey as long as its LOUD


is that set to 220 psi?? jesus! what compressor switch do u have? cuz the 480s arent even rated for 220psi

holy crap 220 is high

yo dude can u pm me. bc im getting k5s on my silverado and i heard ur setup is pretty dope.

Your seeing it correctly I have the 165-200 switch, I talked to Garrett about this and he is looking into it? I’m not changing it unless he says its gonna break something and it hasn’t yet. the bad thing about it going to 220 is the gauge flashes and its bright so you just have to honk it again to lower the psi heheh

And you’re damaging your horn with each honk.

thats why i said holy crap 220 is alot

In the third photo, why is the inlet port fitting plugged?

The original plugs are only in place so they don’t get any packaging material (styrofoam) inside the crankcase…

Nice looking install though!
Thanks for your business!

Hey Bruce! Job well done bud. Install is perfect!
I’m gonna give you a call. There is a problem with your gauge. Your pressure is fine…it’s having an issue reading. Expect a call here shortly.

looks good

the blue plugs… I had on there while I was doing the install so noting would get inside, they came off when the air intake lines were hooked up.

Honking horns at 220 psi does not hurt them, unless it’s a Leslie, Nathan’s can handle that pressure just fine, I’ve ran K5LLA and K5HL together on one at 300 psi with my EDC. Great setup BTW!