Lance and others…
1.) I just got my awesome a$$ ($70 shipped) 12 gallon tank from the big brown truck from horn blasters. Im about to order compressor or compressors from them as well. But I need to know what to get. I have a set of Leslie rs-5t’s that I will be blowing at approx. 150 psi. max but not blowing constantly. I want a fast fill rate and decent duty cycle… so with my research I know I either want a 495c or dual pack 480c. I know that the new 495c is awesome but which would be better??? Which do ya’ll prefer???

2.) Can or do ya’ll recommend mounting the compressor(s) under the hood of my '05 silverado??? Will heat be an issue and cause overheating of the compressor(s)

3.) All tips and insight on where to mount what in 05 crew cab silverado would be much appreciated.

I know there is alot more questions i’m forgetting to ask but O’well… I’ll think of more later…

Thanks in advance for all the great advice

…one confused (smartguy)…:smiley: :confused: :confused:

Be careful man, I’d hate to see a S5T get fouled power chambers. 150 MIGHT be okay for awhile but Leslie recommends 140 MAX. Just giving ya a friendly heads up :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion… I’ve heard alot of people say different psi ratings for leslies… but I dont understand how it would hurt them when main resevoir pressure on a locomotive is 130-150??? But I prolly will back it down to 140 because its average for main resevoir pressure and I dont wanna damage this expensive a$$ horn which has expensive a$$ replacement parts.

id recommens 2 450c compressors. its what i have and they work great. but you might want to get three because the viair warranty is voided if you use 1 compressor for more than five gallons…b/s

Mounting the compressor in the engine compartment will preheat it and shorten its duty cycle. How much depends on where it’s mounted in there.

Mount the compressors to a chassis point, or several… then route the intake to a place that is cool, clean & dry (like your intake box…) Drill a hole into the box, add a grommet and install the filter on the INSIDE of the air cleaner box. You may never have to replace the filter again since air that enters the compressor will have been filtered twice.

And as far as pumps go… I’d use 400Cs for their speed myself.
If you need higher duty cycle, go with 450Cs.
If you need 200 PSI, go with 480Cs.

Follow the following advice when figuring out how many pumps you need:
[li]If you’re an air abuser - one pump for every 2.5 to 3 gallons stored.
[/li][li]If occasional user - one pump for every 5 gallons stored.

Thanks Lance and others for the info… I’m so close to ordering my compressors. I’m still torn between the dual 400c, dual 450c, and the dual 480’s. I decided against 200 psi then regulating to 145, so 200 psi is not the necessity. This duty cycle stuff has got me boggled :confused:… I want my compressors to last for a long time but I want awesome speed too.
As far as where to mount stuff I have it all figured out now… Due to my purchase of a UWS under rail tool chest. When complete I want my setup similar to 08 super duty’s with compressors, tank and possibly horns in the toolbox… Just not to keen on cutting the bed of my truck to downforce the horns…its either gonna get cut or mount where spare tire was.

More thoughts??? Thanks

oh yea… hornblasters__tx, I’d love to see a pic of your setup… particularly the Leslies:cool:

a 150 setup, I say deff go with 400c’s. They fill fast as hell and are cheap. :wink:

There’s a guy here in my town that mounted a S3L in a toolbox. He mounted it as high as he could while allowing for the lid to shut completely. When he was done all he had to cut was the holes for the bells to stick out of the bottom of the toolbox (it didn’t sit flat in the bed). It was a pretty good idea to me. I’m not sure how deep or wide your toolbox is though and a S5T is definitely wider than an S3L.

cool to see other nite owls here too. lol…

thanks for the info… I know i def have plenty of room for everything in the box… If i put the horns in the box then I’m cutting the bottom out of my bed as well as the toolbox so they will downfire and stay clean… as far as the 400’s go, I def. want that speed but I wonder how often and how long i can run them… i think i narrowed it down to dual 400’s or 480’s

400Cs = fast operation to 150 PSI but 33% duty cycle at 100 PSI
480Cs = operation up to 200 PSI, but 100% duty cycle at 100 PSI, and 50% duty cycle at 200 PSI.

If you’re not going to run the pumps over 150, and never operate them for more than 20 minutes at a time - get the 400Cs. You’ll benefit from the speed.

That’s what I’m using in my Tundra on 5 gallons. 45 seconds from 110/145 is fast enough for me!

Ok possibly the last question… sorry for the aggravation. I will never run those pumps for 20 minutes continuously but when the tank does charge to 150 and I blow the horns good the pump is going to cut back on for another couple of minutes to refresh, duh… how long should the cool down period be after initial fill and the refresh if all im doing is riding around pissing people off?? I know these pumps are 33% at 100psi but when pressure reaches 150, doesnt the duty cycle get cut in half to 16.5%??? I want the speed but I dont want to buy more compressors in 6 months if this is going to abuse them.

My opinion is the 480’s that way you can have 200 psi in the tank and regulate it down to 150 for the horns… will let you blow the horns a little longer without the pumps coming on…

i think that this is possibly the hardest decision i have made since reaching puberty… At least I have narrowed it down to those two options.

i’ve got a single 480c on a 4-5 gallon tank… and it takes around a minute or a little over to top off from 165 to 200 of course it takes a little longer when going to 200 instead of 150…

I want the speed but dont want to wear the 400’s out on the 12 gallon with this air guzzler of a horn. Dont understand why the 480’s dont put out the good cfm like 400’s.

They have a higher duty cycle.

The same reason that a marathon runner can cover ALOT of ground but does it slowly, whereas a sprinter covers less ground but does it quickly. They both expend the same amount of energy, just in different spans of time.

Glad I remembered and searched for this calculator, it answered many questions… It says dual 480’s will refill my 12 gallons faster than the dual 400’s with 110/145 pressure switch.

dual 480 refill from 110/145 = 1min 55sec
dual 400 refill from 110/145 = 2min 11sec
If so, I think I’ll get the dual 480’s and run the 110/145 switch.

Each pump is rated to fill 5 gallons max.
With a 12 gallon tank, you would need three compressors.

do you have any wiring schematics for the 3 or more compressors linked together on one setup…