Manual Valve

Has anyone ever purchased or used one of these 2 stage manual graham white look alike valves from air horns of texas. Are they gw clones??? Whats the scoop?

it is the same valve that seige enginering sales…its not a graham white valve…but exact replica…same 1/2 metering valve…

works as good as the gw and it is more solid and sturdy feeling. i know ive had both

those valves are both good but if u want a awesome valve a VILCO VALVE IS THE BEST WAY TO GO…

Viloco valves are good too…

yea but where can i find a vilico???
might just have to get that one on ebay… the ahot

Viloco* lol…

umm there was one on ebay last weekend every sunday i check ebay cause there is always new horns and some very old ones that people are selling that they dont really know how much they are worth…they no longer manufacture the VILOCO VALVE…

old man wayne that makes those huge seven bell horns for siege has that very valve for under 90.00. I’ve had mine for over two yrs now and still working great. the handle however is a tad weak at the pivot point,had the toyota mech accidently broke my handle sliding out of the drivers seat.played hell getting it tigged as it’s cast material.only a top notch tig welder will attempt to weld it back together. got mine welded though and it’s still together.:smiley:

wayne is who i get mine from

the knock off GW???

whenever i click that link , norton anti virus stops it and says its a suspicious page… sux to cause i am thinking bout buying it. any ideas?

or just go to ebay and put in TRAIN HORN VALVE.

jason gabbert sales both of the valves u can either buy it for $88 on ebay or you can buy it from his website for $139.

yea still when i look it up thru ebay and find the $88 one , norton blocks the page

I wonder why it’s doing that… it works fine for me. Im sure it’s safe and his feedback is good too.

Just call jason he’ll probably sell it for what its on ebay for if your still having trouble.

i was actually able to get into the page the other day… idk what the deal was. Every time i went on the page norton blocked it, and i couldnt by pass it… was like that for 3 days , then other day i went on and it worked, so i bought one.

Got my ship notice today! sweet!!

Only thing is , im not sure how well its going to work with my setup. Since my horns are in the grill upfront, the valve will be next to me obviously. So i figure all the turns of routing the airline, there will be 10 feet approx. So there will be a slight delay, but air moves fast at 150psi, so maybe it wont be to bad… only true way is to try it… worst case i move the horns closer under the truck but i’d rather not.

I have a train whistle i bought a while back… its not a tru train whistle but one someone made, and it sounds awesome, so now im thinking of getting some sort of a directional valve so i can have either the whistle blow or the horn… or i might jsut have to put a quick disconnect on the valve and have it so i can swap it real quick…

I thought about the length from the valve to the horns too. But, if you think about it the same valve is in the cab of the loco and the horns are usually center mounted. So that would have to be about 40 ft of air line… and no delay??? I think it would be fine… ask sly he has that gw valve mounted on his dash. I wanna know because I want that manual valve too.

well i answered my own question today. I have a shutoff valve on the tank in my bed so i can shut off the airflow at night in case valve malfunctions… So anyway i held down the button for the solenoid valve and used the shut off as i would my soon to be train horn valve.

It worked awesome! And the valve i got now is only 1/4" and it still sounded great… Now i cant wait to get it. Being able to create an actual train sound with the highs / lows is awesome. Its like discovering a whole new horn on my truck.

I think i am going to take my old valve and make a drain cleanout with it. Put a hose thru the bed… im gonna do this one up right!

sweet good info… im ordering one after you tell me how it is quality wise…