Mickie Dees

Well I am official hated in my home town and can never return to the McDonalds. Last night I thought I would go to this nice fast food restaurant and get myself some grub. Well after waiting 10 minutes for my food I thought to myself how loud it would be to give a little blast at the serving window. I can say it projected through the window a little more than expected. Well to wrap this story up is the server had a nice large sweet tea in her hand and when I blasted her; the female dog threw it at my truck. Then the manager came out and stood in front of my truck until the cops arrived. The outcome of this could not been any better because the cops thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. But the down side is I wont be getting’ any apple pies no more and I had to pressure wash my truck after I already spent an afternoon cleaning it.


I wouldda just blasted the manager untill they moved outta the way lol

haha!! nice… i would sue the manager for false imprisonment…lol

hell i wouldda just run the manager over!

Too funny!

lmfao gotta love kickass cops!

Lmao hell yeah the cop part made it more hillarious.

McDonalds Sweet Tea…is the FTMFMAMKAWE (for the most fking, most amazing, most kick a win ever)

I’ll give that one a score of 10 for hilarity:D

I take none of the credit… theyre tea is the s**t lol


Are they paying for a full detail on your vehicle?

Regardless, they shouldn’t have thrown their product at/on your vehicle. The person who did this, should be terminated - period.

Take that to McDonald’s Corporate… I would… and I’d be eating FREE there for a LONG time… and smiling at that moronic manager the whole time…

Amazing story my friend.
You could seriously get them in big trouble for this if you wanted to.

Honestly, I would have put it in drive let the idol take me 2mph towards him. I mean…really…who wouldn’t move? But you could get assualt/battery charges…anyways glad you didn’t get in trouble

the manger was J walking sry dint see him . but dude those cops sounded ike they came off that movie super bad. I would have asked for a refill.

I would of just blasted the cop until he got out of the way or just turn on your pa and started saying that mcdonalds has bugs in there kitchen…

wtf how did i miss this story…LOL

Man this happened a long time ago, I will be blasting again soon after I get a bearing for my compressor.

They can actually be charged (at least in virginia) for firing a projectile at a vehicle. Whether its eggs, rocks, bullets, rockets, or ice tea, you can go to jail for it, my friends did many years back.