Motocross thread!!!!

anyone other than me and greenmx do any motocross or quading???

2005 grizzly
06 yfz450
03 banshee
08 r1
99 r6 stunt
98 rm250

Do you do any racing or just playride?

ride… stunt the 99 r6

curt, did u forget someone???

no! you havent been on in a while! lol when we ridin?

Just Trail Riding for me.

'86 worked Honda 250R.

pretty cool for a quad!! honda mx ftw!

01 yz426f

Well, do any of you follow motorcross?

If so, maybe you have already heard:

It is a sad day in the motocross world. Freestyle motocross rider Jeremy Lusk was killed last night after he sustained head injuries during an X-Knights event in Costa Rica. He was performing a move known as the Seatgrab Indian Backflip when he lost control of his bike.

Lusk, 24, was taken to Calderon Hospital ICU in San Jose where he died at 11:03 p.m. on February 9, surrounded by his parent, Chuck and Linda Lusk, his wife Lauren, and fellow Metal Mulisha riders Brian Deegan, Ryan Hagy, Cameron Steele and Erik Apple.

Lusk had an impressive year in 2008, grabbing X Game gold in the FMX event and silver in Moto X best trick. He was also names FMX rider of the year, appearing on the cover of TransWorld Motocross magazine’s January 2009 issue.

We have photos and the video of the crash below. Please be advised that it is graphic.

Link to the site with the video.

I should note, the video is kinda of nauseating to some. Make sure you aren’t a lightweight, it’s pretty scary.

it really is sad, but its one of the risk we take!



I don’t think he would have wanted to die any other way though. Going out doing what you love, it’s what a lot of people would choose.

werd! doing what u love or for your country. there is no better way. or having a heart attack at like 90 while having crazy donkey sex with a busty 18 year old blonde.:smiley:

link doesnt work for me. but yea that sucks. part of the game though. no pain no game. rip lusk

This is a different angle that doesn’t show it as well, but youtube and all the blog sites have removed the video.

Here is a foreign website that still has the other angle:

ive rode for a while but im not the best by far
heres a video and it sucks to hear about what happend to jeremy lusk

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Not bad, but you must be in Northern Florida with those kind of hills. The only thing close to that here in South Florida is bridges man-made to go over the highway.

that sucks. crazy thing is it looks like he broke his neck. but it says he died from the head trauma. ive had some pretty bad concussions. lost memory for three days on the worst one.