My 50W HID KIT!!!

Here its my new hid kit 50w 10000k bright as honk!

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Damn man, people are gonna HATE you coming at them and Driving behind them. What K are your Fogs, 30k?

Yes my fog are 30k but with a 35w ballast haa yerster day got behind this corolla and the guy inside was crazy lol he move the mirror put hishand on his face lol crazy. Is this illegal?

i mean the 50w lights

Basically, if you read the Laws, ANY HID Kit in ANY vehicle that didn’t come from the Factory with them is Illegal.

If you don’t re-aim your Lights, it’s only gonna make it worse for oncoming Drivers.

whered u buy em at?

X2 whered u get em from i might get a set

duramaxxed told me a guy in ebay here its the link… It only took 2 days from china to usa faster shiping i ever got

eBay ID: yourhid


thats not a bad price…ive seen some $50 kits and the guy on one of the xterra forums bought them and he saifd they werre real good

yes but those at 50 bucks are the 35w kit, i think thats the cheapest price for a 50w kit

Do you have a relay or any fuses in your wiring harness? If not, I strongly recommend putting one on it. I had a friend whose car burned down because he melted the factory wiring.

And holy glare batman! I bet oncoming motorists HATE you lol. Police usually don’t enforce that HID law but if you’re coming at them with that they may start.

o i don’t have the relay but man a friend of mine has this same kit more than 6 month and it has no problem at all but well i will get one next week for sure just in case.

yea time for some projectors! damn you need to aim those!

one of the lights is turning off after 2-3 mins the car is on i think i need a relay lol

You need a Harness.

yes they are illegal if they did not come with them. but I can get away with it and say i have Lincoln MK LT headlights.

Ahhh my eyes! haha

I’ve got some HIDs coming in the mail soon.

yeaaaaaaa u eyesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss fukc lol

I always laugh when I see guys with the ones that look blue or purple. If I did HIDs, I think I would get them 4500k.

OEM 4300K ALL THE WAY. EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST POINTLESS. Does it look cool, yea, but if you’re only getting them for the deep intense Color, you’re essentially buying REALLY expensive Halogen Bulbs, because at the such high Kelvin people like to run, they aren’t much brighter than Halogens.

I’m not trying to slam anyone, just stating the facts.