My Toyota

I did all the install myself. including the stereo and built the two of the three amps from scratch. also got LED underglows that I also DIY’ed.

a little bit of my horn history…

I started when my stock “meep meep” horns failed. you guys know how it is here, you won’t survive in the streets without a horn. so I went and replaced them with a Nautilus compact air horn. it was loud…then a bus cut me off and gave me a bit of his paint for a souvenir. so I added another so now I have two Stebel Nautilus horns. it was loud. and power hungry. my lights dim when I honk my horns.

A bit of rainy season and both quit working so I went and replaced them with Mitsuba Turbine horns (they look like snails) they are loud (overdriven a bit, they are 8volts and run at 12V.) then the novelty wore off so I got a china big rig air horn (for approx US$8.00 surprisingly, it was metal) got some 600psi pressure washer hose and fittings from the farm and ran it with a fire extinguisher as a 1.8gal air tank which I refill at home at 125psi. it honks right down to 40psi but gets weak. so I went and bought a chinese air compressor used for inflating tires (the $25 all metal variety) and made myself a solid state pressure switch using a pressure transducer and a bit of electronics. it works fine except for the cheap compressor which, unmodified, will work this way for up to a couple of weeks to a month then fall apart, my second one is modified (made the moving parts a bit stronger) and has been working fine for a few months now but is showing signs of it starting to quit so I asked my cousin to get me a 275C.

after that, I plan on getting a shocker horn set after I scrape up some cash and upgrade the tank.

enough of the rambling, here are some pics…

welcome! you have the psycho blasters horn, i have a set myself

WELCOME!! nice choice of subs also!

nice bro…

thanks guys, the horns were loud. actually, they still are. but we all grow up and later want something more. :smiley: how much air does a shocker take? with this setup I can go up to 10-15secs of continuous honking with the pressure switch set at 115psi with only 1.8gal.

I’ve been going through subs just like clothes. try them on and take them off from 10’s to 15’s… I was only satisfied with these. they have a nice combination of very good SQ and lots of bass from a small box. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the two DD 1508 subs are powered by a ZX1000.1, front is running full active and rears are turned off.

here are a few more pics…

6000K HID high and low headlight and foglamps

DVD monitor and player headunit for video and a pioneer headunit for music:

beringer DCX2496 behind the subs:

DIY’ed LED underglow:

i like the neons also

got a “new” airhorn from a surplus store for about $20. it is branded as Kitahara. looks like a truck horn. I checked the internals and it was clean, tested the solenoid and it clicks but doesn’t let air through so I disassembled it. found out the rubber stopper thing came off and blocked the air outlet. glues it then it works, then tested the horn, only one bell sounds. checked the tuning screws and two of them backed off so they didn’t work. retuned all three bells and they get pretty loud. not as loud as a train horn but way louder than the china horn I was using before.

old horn (black) VS new horn (white)


electronic pressure switch and pressure transducer:


left: horn switch, on = air horn + stock horn (replaced with Mitsuba turbine), right: underglow and footwell light switch

we welded two additional ports to my “tank” so it now has three ports. :stuck_out_tongue: so now I have a pressure release safety valve and separate port for the compressor. gave me a slightly faster fill time. these things are slow. 0 to 115psi in 5min 2sec with a 1.8gal tank. :mad: surprisingly, it’s still alive and pumping. :rolleyes: I need my viair badly.

Awesome work, kudos on doing a lot of the fabrication yourself. Where are you located?

Thanks! I’m located in the philippines. I’ll probably post up pics later or tomorrow of how things are set up right now.

took a little longer but here it is. :slight_smile:

the ex-1 port tank now is a 3 port.

rewired the cables going to the compressor. the comp used to take power from the lighter plug. bought an amplifier wiring kit and added a relay so it turns on when the key is turned. now it fills up the tank faster.

Nice and clean. i like it… plus its not that good pullin from the cig lighter …very nice how u changed the tank to 3 port

the compressor was a portable one used for emergency. so it came wired with a lighter plug. I once blew a fuse (for the power outlet) because it pulled too much current and so I cut that off and hardwired it with thicker wire direct to the batt with a 30A fuse. runs much better. :wink: it’s too late for testing (already 10pm). can’t wait for tomorrow. :smiley:

fill time is a little faster. before, it was 5min 2sec. now it’s 4min 11sec. all same conditions. engine running, empty to 115psi.

comp runs slightly cooler too. faster fill time = comp turns off before it could heat up.

took it to the beach too… used it to fill up my sister’s air mat thingy. would have taken forever to fill up manually. :smiley:

I received my 275C and with a little work, it’s in. :smiley:

view from the tailgate:

behind the back seats:

electronic pressure switch with relay set to 120psi:

pressure transducer grafted to a 1/4"male to 1/4"male coupler:

I used stainless braided line from the hardware store. used for water line for bathroom faucets. :smiley:

after a day of use, I realized that mounting the compressor directly to the metal frame transfers too much vibration and noise. I had to do something…

compressor on springs. :smiley:

very nice install bro but isn’t that much tank for the 275c?

it’s only 1.8gal.:stuck_out_tongue:

ohh it looks like a 5 gallon

hehe kinda looks big coz it’s short and stubby. I wonder how it would work when I upgrade to a shocker when budget permits.:rolleyes: probably get the classic version so I don’t need as much air as the XL version. :smiley: