Need help planning horn while waiting for parts to arrive...

I am new to the forums and new to train horns, so I am really glad you guys are here to help.

Ok, so I am going to try to install a K5LA in my 2008 F250. Here’s a picture of the truck:

As you can see, I have a very large (60"x25"x19") Weathergaurd steel toolbox mounted in the bed. I figure this toolbox is large enough that I can build a false bottom above the tank and compressors so that I can mount them inside the box and still be able to store a few tools inside the box. Here is what I have purchased so far:

Brand new Nathan K5LA
Viair 480C Dual Chrome Compressor kit

I have not decided on a tank yet, but that will depend on where I mount the tank. I figure I will be removing my spare tire, since it is smaller than the tires on my truck anyway, and mounting the K5LA in the spare tire location. The tank could be mounted under the truck or in the toolbox. The truck has the 6.4L diesel engine, so space up front with all the radiators and coolers and intercooler is very limited.

So, here are my questions:

  1. Other than the tank, what else will I need to buy to make this work?
  2. What size tank should I buy?
  3. What is the best location to mount my horns?


  1. do you having your fittings? air hose? valve? wiring for compressor?
  2. on a k5 get a minimal of a 5 gal tank, bigger is better!
  3. ive never looked under the new fords, all i can suggest is where the spare tire. ive seen some guys mount the horns in the front of the bed facing down (older F-350s)
    hope this helps :slight_smile:

Buy the biggest tank you can fit. And of course all the stuff that ‘Brizzal’ mentioned.

but note that per every 5 gallons of air you will need at least one compressor… as per Viair’s recommendations

Welcome to the forum

Thanks guys for all the info. I have not bought all the hoses, fittings, gauges, solenoids, and pressure switches. I’m not in a big hurry to get this done. I just want to make sure I have everything I need before I get started.

So, it sounds like a 10 gallon tank may be perfect for the dual 480C setup?

lookin at these kinda fill times + or - a little

0 To 145 PSI  	6 Min. 02 Sec.
0 To 200 PSI 	10 Min. 08 Sec.
110 To 145 PSI 	1 Min. 55 Sec.
165 To 200 PSI 	2 Min. 20 Sec.

You’ll be fine with dual 480’s…

i have dual 480s on my 12gallon tank… their not bad! works great… but i still want a EDC! lol

Cool, maybe I will go with the 12g. What is an EDC?

engine driven compressor… would fill my poop up in seconds…lol

Ok, so next question. What is the benefit of a steel tank or aluminum tank or stainless steel tank?

Your first concern should the pressure rating on the tank regardless of the material. I would think you get less corrosion from the stainless steel tank.

Our compressor fill rate for 10 gallons is:

0-150 = 1 min 47 sec.
120 - 150 = 22 sec.

All of the tanks at are rated at 150psi. What do I need to do to get a tank rated at 200psi?

I did a google search for 200 PSI air tanks and found this website.

That was just the first link, there were others as well.

DOT approved air tanks that are rated at 150psi have a 750psi burst strength. My tank is rated at 150psi and I push 175psi, sometimes 200psi with no probs. or fear of my tank exploding.

I’ve pushed 300 psi thru a 12 gallon tank before…runs just fine like that, no suggesting just keep doing it, but this is what happens when you run this much psi to a Nathan Airchime K5HL…
type in “slys trainhorn” you’ll see my old s10 with a K5HL…everyone wants that horn be sure to watch both videos of it…

Ok, so using a 150psi tank at more than 150psi should not be an issue. That’s good to know, since most of the tanks that are rated at a higher pressures are much more expensive.

There is a pressure release valve on the hornblasters tanks… if your worried about exploding. so it shouldn’t be an issue