Needed 490C

The leader hose on my single 480(silver truck) is leaking which means I have a check valve issue. But the 480 has a hard time filling 8.5 gallons to 200PSI. i am looking at the Viair website and saw that the COMING SOON 490 was just as good as duel 480’s, so I am looking to upgrade to a 490. How do I go about getting one Lance?

I would like to apologize to all of you guys for not being on very often anymore, me and my dad are having a lot of trouble juggling work school(me) and taking care of my grandparents. So, I am still thinking about you all and lurking in the shadows. and as always Selling and Promoting every step of the way.

Nobody has an info? all of us and nothing?

they are not in mass production yet! but Hornblasters is on the list with orders for a batch ! :wink:

i need one, I hate leaks, and you can hear this one

A buddy of mine was at the sema show last week and viair was demonstrating the differences in compressors and he is on list order for the new 490’s he said they blew him away and he def wants sone…he shaun you got any new pics of your p3 setp…hit me up…

buy new leader hose for time being

That is what i was thinking. but shipping would be as much as the stuff.

?? no it wouldnt… why would be it soo much??

IMO, the 495C will be the pump to use. 100% Duty Cycle @ 175 PSI is unheard of for a sealed 12-volt compressor.

Why not get one of the leader hoses for the 490C for now, while you wait for their release?

The new leader hoses are lined with PTFE and have a SEPARATE check valve.

One word of caution though, they have a minimum bend radius (6 inches) which if means you kink them - they’re done and that’s not covered under warranty. Otherwise, they’ll stand up to a ridiculous amount of heat and pressure.

The hose for the 480C (3/8" NPT is P/N 92790)

Sounds impressive, what’s the CFM of 495C

@ what pressure?

Lance, I need the 100% at 200, and that is what the 490C will do for me, The Horns are not used nearly as much as mine, So the fill rate is not a large issue. AL THO when i do drive that truck i tend to get a little heavy on that particular button. BUT I do trust your word, So what ever I need I will get, and Dan Sorry, unless you can get me an Oasis Complete kit for the price of the Viar, I don’t think i need one at this time :slight_smile: Just messing with ya.

100 psi

LMAO…That’s ok, just keep us in mind when Obama gets this economy turned around.:rolleyes:

The 490C is 35% Duty at 200 PSI, while the 495C is 100% duty at 175 PSI.

At 0 PSI and 70 degrees Fahrenheit:
490C: 2.93 CFM
495C: 2.37 CFM

At 100 PSI and 70 degrees Fahrenheit:
490C: 1.90 CFM
495C: 1.48 CFM

Since horns don’t absolutely need 200 PSI, the 495C looks like a much better compressor for those who want to blow their horns more often.

For the extreme user, I’d recommend 175 or 200 PSI in your tank and a regulator to regulate your pressure going to your air horns.

I plan to regulate the air pressure going to my K5LA, and run it typically at its lowest speaking pressure - unless I plan to go buckwild and turn it all the way up.

I leave the train horns wide open, but my psycho blasters are regulated to 120 PSI. Well I want the fill rate. but it is not really an issue as I stated before so I like the idea of the 290. Thanks for your help.

Hey Shaun, being in Florida and getting it next day, you’re going to be the FIRST Customer to receive their Viair 495C Compressor. We’re all counting on you for a review! Enjoy it buddy, enjoy it.

Anyone else that wants one, we have a VERY limited amount, they will be in Friday . We’re accepting pre-orders now! 1-877-209-8179

Cant wait to get it. Will be looking forward to testing it out…Also any chance you will send a filter relocation kit?