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Hey everyone. I have a 1995 dodge ram 2500 Cummins. I want to do some type of horn setup and I was hoping this would be the place to get some help!

Here’s Nancy!

So, where do I begin? Figured I want everything under the truck and I don’t have a spare so that space is available. Also quite a bit of space behind that big ol bumper.

Budget is 1k all in, that’s including all wiring and install components.

Oh, someone’s taken care of her … I’ve never seen a '95 look that good, even if it came off the showroom floor.

You’ve tons of options for horns and to be fair, it all depends on how loud you want to be.


Thanks! I went out to Missouri to pick her up! After doing some reading, it seems like people generally start with a kit from Hornblaster and eventually move on. There are a lot of kits available, what are the differences

The Shocker kits are usually a good starting point since the horns are massively loud, easy to install and overall good value. The different kits are mainly to to with the compressors and tank size variations. Buy the best/largest air supply (i.e. compressor and tank) you can afford and that way you’re ready to upgrade the horns when you want to.

Get a 5 gal. kit and a constant duty compressor if you have the budget. Most of the 12v compressors (apart from Oasis) are only rated to fill 5 gallon anyway, so going larger generally means running multiple compressors.

BTW… great looking truck!

Great, thanks for the advice!

I have to mimic DBO here… the shockers would probably do you wonders… Later you could move on to an authentic Nathan Airchime type… I had an airchime… wish I never got rid of it :frowning:

What if I just go big from the get go and grab a K5LA? What type of tank / compressor setup would I need ?

With a K5 I would recommend at least 10 gallons of air…

I had a K3 and it ate through air like no ones business…

The compressors, I would go with an Engine Driven Compressor (EDC)… they will fill a tank MUCH faster than your electric compressors and don’t pull that much from the electrical system…

I am going to go with an EDC when I do my next setup… it’s going to be from extreme outback…

How about something like this?

That’ll do :smiley:
Like N2 said - an EDC will kick butt, so will an Oasis. There’s a table with compressor options here you can take a look at. Prices are a tad out of date but you should get an idea

Keep in mind you can also opt for a 200psi system and then use a regulator to dial back to 100. That way a 5 gal becomes more like a 10 gal (well not really, but you get the drift). The more you want, the more the price tends to get outta hand.

So many decisions! I like the look of that setup I posted above. How would a 12 gallon tank and 2 480c’s with a manual valve rather than solenoids hold up to the demands of a k5la?

I’ve been running twin 480’s upwards of 5 years now and they’re still going strong. Others have had mixed experiences but mine are kept high and dry in the back of the car so they don’t tend to suffer. Bang for your buck, they are an excellent choice and I would only go for something different once they break.

12 gal is huge and a top option if you want to go bonkers with a K5. The only thing you have to watch for are that larger tank sizes tend to not be rated for 200psi. Buying a twin 200 compressor kit and mating it with a tank of lesser spec (even if it’s big) seems like a waste of space to me. Then you also need to consider warranty on compressors. As I said, most are only rated for 5 gallon each; so a twin kit normally goes with something up to a 10 gal tank.

The manual valve vs. electric is a personal preference. Solenoid gives you sharp on/off as well as the ability to link it to your horn button, whereas with the manual you have to find a suitable spot and you need to run airline to the cab - But you can meter the airflow. K5’s sounds especially nice with a metered manual valve. Install both to get the best of both worlds :wink:

Thanks for the great information DBO, so if I’m picking up what you’re throwing down…go with a smaller tank rated at 200psi, then regulate the pressure down to around 120psi for the K5?

I think the 8 and 12 gal tanks from HB are steel units and although working pressure rating is 150psi, the max seems to be 300. Either of those ones should work well with a K5 I reckon.


 The only problem with an OASIS (Although a GREAT option) is the amount of power it pulls... If I remember correctly, it's pulling 180 - 190 amps, on my old truck, I had a 200 amp alternator and I don't believe it would have been enough because of all of the other electronics that needed to be run.

Most vehicles don’t come with a 200 amp alternator, and I’m not sure what his alternator output is… There are others out there that will put out what he needs, and I’m sure if he isn’t constantly running that compressor it would work wonders, but you are also looking at $1k+ for it.

I just got a quote for another compressor for $913 which included the EDC and all mounting hardware (to include a longer serpentine belt and another idler pulley) for $913 and it wouldn’t pull near the same power to engage the clutch.

Yeah big current draw is an issue. I would always run stuff like that through a dual battery/isolator circuit since that will take the brunt of the load and only draw a charge current without causing your generator to have a heart attack.

Our compressors may draw a lot of current but they don’t run as long. The overall current draw of 12Vdc air compressors is the same, ours just does it faster.

If you’re interested in an EDC, please feel free to reach out or just click the “install” and/or “EDC” links in my signature below.


I’d definitely be interesting in looking to do an EDC

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