New S.O.G.

Whats up? New to site. I just had my Shocker S4 professionally mounted and I love it! Cant wait to put it to the test.

i had a blast doing that install for ya…ill fix that hose in the morning…oh and welcome to the site finally

welcome to the forums

welcome welcome


[b]Welcome Welcome Welcome John! :smiley:


john!! it was a fun install!! get those pics up!!!.. they are loud!!!

Great another south tampa person! welcome!

yes, welcome!

What’s S.O.G. Stand for?? :confused: :smiley:

HAHA it stands for South of gandy… gandy is a street here very popular. one of the streets from way back in the day…goes all the way to st pete… ppl even get SOG tattos on em lol i used to be sog and loved it… im 3 blocks north now

1.) A physical location south of Gandy Boulevard in Tampa, FL. 2.) The state of mind or way of life of someone who grew up south of Gandy, can drink beer with the best of them, probably went to Robinson H.S. and parents were either blue collar or military.

SOG-n. person and/or people
residing or raised south of gandy blvd. [SIZE=4]in south tampa, florida.[/SIZE]

is that really in a dictionary or somehting or u made that up?

"1. S.O.G.

sleep over gang. about as cool as you can get. everyones mad cause they werent at the sleepover you and your group had. usually a group of 3.
man i wish i had a S.O.G. to be in! "



im not gonna lie… S.O.G. has more people on this forum than probaly any other location… tampa terrors ftw!!

You guys have a sleep over gang, no way! That’s so cool! I wish I had a sleep over gang! lol:D