new to this game


1 viair 380 compressor
1 5 gallon air tank
1 1/2 inch solenoid
air line…

Presto you got a awesome setup for a great price…

About 3 1/2 to 4 seconds.

a p series is LOUD at 80 psi but i think your problem might have to do the the volume of air the horns are getting not the psi. what size line from tank to horn? how large is the oriface that releases the air? also have you honked them with the EXACT same air setup and they worked fine??

blow nozzle is not enough air flow… hook a 1/2 manual ball valve to it and hook your airline to that and you should get it sounding.

thanks man ill go try that.i was doing it by this huge lake/resevoir and it sounded awseome echoeing with just one horn tuteing

You need at least a 3/8 line for p5 to sound off. P series are also alot more picky then k series horns.

screw it into the horn…? maybe… just maybe…lol

…or super glue?? chewing gum? duct tape? painters tape? Teflon tape? wood glue? welding? screws? nails? wood? natural sticky substances? :wink:

haha jk

nice k5s man

Hey man, do me a favor, look above the mounting feet on the P5 and see if they all say PAT PEND. or PAT PENDING.

No, that was a question… Does it say pat pend or pat pending? And yes, go to lowes or your local hardware store…

Oh okay, that means it’s a new cast (bad cast) like mine.

how much better will a 8gallon tank do me than a five gallon on this setup with the viar380

i have the 5 gal with a 380 and it takes a good while to fill up so i wouldnt do a 8 gal…

how long of a hit could i do with my k5’s on a 5 gal though if i got it at like 130-140 psi

you could get a good 5-6 seconds or a little more… a k5 will sound off with as i believe 70-80psi but if your looking to scare people tiny short blasts scare people more easily

and yo if you didnt get my message yet hop in chat for a minute…

ya i know that i was just wondering.hey man i got a flat on my truck and dont got a spare so i couldnt ship those babies today.will tomorow right after school though

alright here’s what i think im going to do so far for a setup,please tell me if i left anything out
480c viair(what do you guys think about going with one of hornblasters rebuilt ones??)
5gal tank
1/2 in air line
1/2 in ball valve
pressure switch
and pressure regulator