New to train horns...need help

So I’m wanting to make my truck sound just like an actual train? What kind of horns should I get (I’ve been told K5s are what trains actually use) and what pressure should I run them at?

K5 or k3 at 150 psi

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Thanks man. I’m planning on building my own tank and putting it where my spare tire is. It’s going to be about 30 gallons. Would you recommend a constant-duty compressor? And what CFM should I look for?

For 30 gallons you’re looking at 6 Viair or AZ compressors for warranty purposes.
At that cost & complexity you’re much better off buying an Oasis…
Dan can explain all the benefits.

Welcome to the forums. Oh and get that tank hydro tested for sure.

There are several different types of horns that are used on trains. I personally prefer the sound of my horns over the K3’s and K5’s…I have Nathan P3’s.

As for building your own tank, more power to ya! Definitely get it tested as recommended. I’d also check out Hornblasters tanks as well, you can pick one up for a reasonable price…and it is already bunged for all the accessories you’ll need to run.

Good luck, and post progress pics!

As for compressor for that tank…I say engine driven and an oasis

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Wow, I didn’t realize I was going to have to have that many compressors for that size tank. I was just wanting to be able to run my horns for a really long time (continuous). And what exactly does having it hydro-tested mean?

I do like the sound of the P3’s over the K3 and K5’s, but I also just watched a video with a set of M3’s and I kinda liked those even better. But I can’t help but wonder if it’s just the pressure they’re running at. Sometimes they have that higher pitch to them and sometimes they sound lower. I like the lower pitch better (but still really loud though…i realize they start going lower when they’re running out of air. I’m talking about lower pitch at full blast).

The reason I’m wanting to build my own tank over buying one from someone like Hornblasters is because 1)I’m mounting it where my spare tire was and I can utilize the space a lot better with a custom tank rather than a round tank that will probably hang down lower than my reese hitch (that’s as low as I’m wanting to let it hand for off-roading purposes) and 2)because a good friend of mine has his own machine shop and he has access to the materials and tools for a fraction of the cost that it would be to buy a tank.

I looked at Oasis…GOOD LORD! Yeah I wasn’t planning on spending close to $2,000 on a compressor alone. However, 8CFM at 150psi is pretty damn good.

I guess what I’m wanting to know is…what size tank and what type of compressor would you guys recommend for me to be able to run my horns for a good 15-20 seconds continuous before they start fading out? I’ve got a lot of guys around town that have the little “shocker” horns and don’t have near big enough accessories to run it and they can only run for like 2-3 seconds tops. They come up beside my truck and blow them all the time. I want something that, the next time they do it, I can blow them off the side of the road and then coat them in black smoke (my truck is a tuned diesel f250…anybody wanna race? :rolleyes:)

well im happy with 12 gallon tank and 2 viair 444c’s they are serving me well

Build a engine driven compressor or buy one…that should work great for 30gallon…

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I’ll have to google how to build one…I’m all for building something haha. Is it complicated? Also, do you know what the hydro test thing is all about?

Hydro testing is a pressure test using liquid. It’s much safer than testing with air because it does not compress (read: store energy). A tank failure with compressed air is like a bomb. Well it IS a bomb… So hydro test to much higher than your working pressure - probably double.

The other thing - your tank MUST be round. That’s a round body with roundish ends/heads/caps. I am making a long skinny tank and have researched this a lot.

Buy a york compressor…like a 210… build a bracket…buy hoses n little ends n outs…

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Didn’t know that. There any science behind that? Does it have to do with the pressure?

Does it have to be belt driven off of the alternator? If so, google a picture of a 6.0 Powerstroke and you’ll see my dilemma there…absolutely NO room under my hood.

If there’s a will there’s a way…ill look into when I get home

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Thanks man. You guys are on it on this forum! But there may be little space under the truck though.

Yes and yes. All stresses are kept even.
Stresses go way up at 90 degree corners. Plus flat areas have no strength.

So even if it’s 1/4" steel and professionally welded?

I’m doing an Extreme Outback engine driven compressor this summer.

They make a kit for all the diesels. I’ve got the Cummins 6.7L and had the same issue with trying to put a York on mine, this one is a Sanden rotary style and should help you with that problem of not having room.


Basically yes. One example I was reading on a welding forum - A guy wanted a to make a flat tank for his spare tire well. Somebody did some calculations and for the weight of the steel (like 3/8" plate) and the amount of stays req’d, it just isn’t worth it. They basically reamed the guy a new one to just get over it.