New York

Is anyone from new york here?

nope but i love ny! especially the city! lol

Buffalo NY here!

anyone else from ny??? post up!

new york city/ Long island. Nathan k3 150-220 psi. 1998 jeep cherokee

Was that you driving on Montauk highway earlier today?

Wayyy out on the East End of Long Island for me.

I think there are a few people in new york city with train horns because ive been hearing them, and you know how you can tell when its not a train. Yeah plus its echoing in the streets.

Yea, there are, my Friend owns a Shop over in Elmhurst. He says he does Train Horns outta there like crazy.

Damn that would be a good business opportunity out here in buffalo…

I went to a tint last year and got my truck windows all tinted… Well while i was waiting for them to do it i was looking around at the other poop they do and say one of the “air horns” that have the little beer can compressor, and i started to laugh. The guy thought i was nutz as im standing there laughing to myself… So i let him in on what was so funny , and after they got done installing the tint i gave em a blast that they will never forget!

There isnt really a more satisfying feeling then blowing at the a55es on the L.I.E. Death to that road.

^ Lmfao yeah its great. or when theres a cop that pulled someone over and theres a ton of traffic because of it and there standing outside the car and you just blown the horn they jump and look around all confused, i have to get that on camera.

hahaha, The fun I would have doing that. I had my fill of that road when I was driving for roadway. Was in deer park or garden city at least once a day.

Did you ever horn blast in New york city. I dont think there is any better place to do it then there. lmfao. If you wanna see a whole block of people jump at the same time. It looks like there doing the wave so many people jump and scream and get scared i love it. I just need to get a good video camera =[

Actually evertime I am out there in the car there is a real nypd on the corner. Plus out there I have slight fear of stuff getting thrown at the car. I would to hit times square, I just know what will happen, nypd will get me before I can leave. Or a damn horse will trample my car.

I will be out there again soon, have to meet up with ya. Brooklyn side by the waterfront rest. is a good area.

Come on there has to be some more people from new york here.

exit 39 ( LIE ) reppin here. You need loud hornd to drive around here on Strong Island. I use them at work, and on the drive home too. =P

NY Here - long island - queens -nyc - bklyn -nnj…

yes horning in the city is great, i had an accidental kill , light turned green and i hit the horn just as a woman popped her head out between 2 parked trucks, gave her whiplash…

then she came up to my car kinda trembling trying to c through the tint So i hit it again and she Tweaked and ran back to sidewalk.
there were numerous others that jumped .

was like 25th and Madison about a year ago…

So i was on my way to my cousins house in Southern NJ, headed down the NJTP. Traffic was light, so i was able to cruise @ 80 MPH. Down around exit 5 i come across a middle aged guy driving a Sebring with the top down. As i move past him i notice he has now made it his mission to check out my ride. As we are now both rolling down the highway @ 80 he moves from my passenger side to my rear then to my drivers side, never passing me. This goes on for about 7 or 8 minutes, when i had had enough of this clown in my blind spot.

I set the switch, and hit the horn. My horn took him by such a surprise that he almost ran into the concrete wall that devides the highway. It was at that point i notice him laughing, and he took the hint to get out of my blind spot and fell back to 70 MPH.

whats this have to do with new york?

u should make a new one about nj!