Obama Health Care Plan...

Ok do you Agree, Disagree or Don’t Care?

i personally agree with it…

Honestly, I am not well informed enough to form an educated opinion. I will make a smart a$s comment now; But, I do feel we shouldn’t have it. Look at Canada. First we get Universal health care, next thing well all be playing hocker… :wink:

Do u like ur paycheck cause it would get real small after they pass it :eek: But yes something needs to be done with the health care system; like make doctors and hospitals lower there expensive practices.

^ they cant do that. technology isnt cheap, and would you want someone opperating on you with out of date technology?.. I knows i wouldnt. I agree that something needs to be done, but free health care like Canada is out of the question. If that passes, I will have no $ for train horns, no $ for going out and eating, everything will have to be spend on the bare essentials as well as giving $ out the a$$ to uncle sam

do you understand that if you have cancer in canada… you have to win a lottery to get the special treatment… thats not what i want… personally

O.k., I’ve come to the decisions that I don’t want universal health care lol.

Is it just me or does it piss you off when “Obama fans” walk around with their tall tees with screen printed “hope” Obama t-shirts. Jesus Christ, I’m glad hes president too. You don’t see me spending $35 on a crappy screen printed shirt from an Asian guy at a mall kiosk. I am glad we have a black president. But honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. Hes a democrat. That is a heck of a lot more important than him being black.

I am starting to wish McCain won…He betta not touch gun laws or its on like donkey Kong :mad:

I second that… going to buy a S&W M&P15 next week :smiley:

LOL already got me a mossberg m88. Apparently, guns are more expensive because of the “Obama scare”. I actually went to the shooting range yesterday. I tested out a 12ga. medium game slug, and it straight killed my arm. I can shoot bird shot all day, but those slugs are show stoppers…

i lived in canada for 3 years and my brother got 3 heart surgery and he didn’t pay a cent!!!

i dont like the idea of paying taxes for people who sit on their *** and claim unemployment.
i also dont want cheap healthcare service becuase they’d definitely try to save on spending for medical supplies

I hate these political threads lol They just make me want to argue (I should be a lawyer) but I’m showing restraint and not going to.

I just don’t understand why everyone wants the government to give them everything… I hear Russia would be glad to have them…

Also, did anyone see that if you choose not to have health insurance, you have to pay a huge tax at the end of the year? 2.5% of your annual income or the price of a typical health insurance plan… FORCING us to have health insurance lol… I thought this was the Land of the Free where you could choose whether or not to have something.

Holy hell man the Land of the Free is starting to turn into a load of horse crap. If someone does not want to buy health insurance they probally can’t afford it and it is there damm right to do with out it. So now these people will owe the government for something they can’t afford holy wtf that is so idiotic lmao. This kinda hooplah really grinds my gears!

I’ll just leave this here…<a href=“http://www.forumammo.com”><img src=“http://www.forumammo.com/cpg/albums/userpics/10071/Barack-Obama-Demotivational-Poster--37492.jpg” /> </a>

What is your reason for agreeing?

USA, for me the biggest and powerful country in the world!! and it hasn’t free health care why? lets say that your child is sick (God forbid you) and do not have health insurance, you take him to the hospital, treating him, cure him, etc… but after all that the bill comes and it is a lot of money lets say 50000.00 to 80000.00 dollars what are u going to do now?? pay it!!! maybe you can pay all that money but i can’t… i lived in Canada for 3 years and i went to the hospital maybe 2 times and they never charge me anything… my best friend lives in Spain he says that when he goes to the hospital they never charge him anything they don’t even worry about that… i know they pay more taxes than we do but i do prefer to pay more taxes and have free health insurance than pay only 7% taxes and pay thousands of dollars for health…

i hope you get what i am saying cuz i don’t speak English that good…

What is the sales tax in places with free health care?

Ottawa, Canada like 14%

Active duty Military… Medical is 100% paid for… for you and your dependents. My wife was pregnant… it would have cost us $80k to have our son if I was not active duty…

Sales tax in california is already 9.75%… whats another 3.5%? If you look at it like this… that ONLY $3.50 (roughly) per $100 spent.

I don’t care about the health plan because my health insurance is paid for… (I do pay every month but they automatically take it out of my pay check) for everyone else… I think it would be a good thing.

When all branches of the government have the same coverage as the rest of us then I might go along with it but until then…:mad:

Our government only knows how to support it’s own agenda.

I saw this video on the news where kids in school are chanting praises to Obama and that’s appalling. If they said “the president” then it might not be so bad but it’s still a form of idolatry. One of the verses is “equal work for equal pay” so how does taxing the rich to support the lazy fit that statement.

I was always taught by my parents that if I work, I deserve to eat and that if I am an active and participatory citizen, who stays out of trouble, I will prosper. I have always taken that teaching to the bank and it has never failed me.

Now, if I wanted health care provided by the government of the nation of which I am a citizen and active participant - I’d move to Canada. This country is on a collision course with Socialism - and its frightening to me.

I hate having someone else’s ideology rammed down my throat.