Off Topic From: Air Line Anti-Freeze?

haha Its a truck not a supercar… drive it like a truck :smiley:

well i like to keep the mileage low and keep it lookin nice… dont want the snow n salt honkin it up… even tho im painting it soon anyways…lol

Florida FTMFW

Buffalo NY FTMFW!~ LOL

Sure we may get 7 feet of snow over night with a huge storm but after the snow melts , my truck is still there! After a big storm in florida, you have a shredded car!

Kentucky FTMFSAMTRWE lol we get seasons haha. hot summers, cold winters, nice springs… haha I also enjoy Colorado

Yea, i’ll agree to that…i cant get over the cold weather for a few months but i do have a 4wd so i also get to PLAY in the snow…Can you say DRIFTING!!!

I miss my little 2dr cars tho cuz you can drift those like mad and still steer with the front…kicks donkey!

When people watch me drift thru parking lots / doing figure 8’s around light poles / and doing 4wd doughnuts @ 40mph circles they often ask how the hell i am able to get that big truck moving so graceful… lol Skill! thats all i say!!

Ive had a lot of experience w/ snow. I can honestly say i have never gotten stuck once to where i had to get pulled out or dig. But i have dug down very deep w/ the tires in reverse trying to get on the side of my house thru 2-1/2 feet of hard packed snow… 4hi in reverse tryijng to get back , and 4lo to dig back out and get a running start.

haha, i did but it was in a 2wd lowered ram and there was no way ANYONE was getting through it til it got plowed! Back country roads in MI and snow drifts made the snow higher than my grille on my other ram and i couldnt tell cuz everything was all white so when my truck slowed i just floored it to keep the momentum but it wasnt happening…

For the most f*king, super amazing, most totally rad win ever. haha I made it up if you couldnt tell.

not sure if u heard it on the news or remember but years back around 2001-2002 we got dumped on in buffalo ny, got 7 feet of snow in a 24 hour period.

That morning i called my work (i was young and it was my first job) and said i couldnt make it thru. well my manager a hard donkey says u live 7 min away and drive a 4wd get in here. so not wanting to loose the job i got out there… driving down my street, the snow was up to the grill on my 94 s10 4x4 and i had to keep it in 4lo just for traction .

I got to the end of my street (remember they actually declared western new york a disaster area and had to call in the troops to actually take snow away, hahaha), so at the end of my street and the plow just goes by in front of me leaving me w/ a wall of snow over 5 feet tall! I got out and was like , no way this sux! Well i got back in and said , if i get stuck i can call him and call it a day! Well i put it in 4hi , punched it and blew through that wall of snow like dynamite ! Thank god i just put new BFG tires on it , and i actually made it into work!

The front of that truck was a solid block of snow for a week! i had to smash it away from the headlights jsut to get them visible as it was so packed from me running thru the wall!

Somehow this thread turned into a snow story thread, hahahaha

Buffalo… Lake Affects Snow ! THAT’S SNOW!!

Hey, what’s up with the Bills this year ???

thats funny, not what i thought…

Fck That Mother Fcking Stupid @ss Michigan ? ? ? ?, hahaa

HAHAHA thats funny, no I don’t have it out for you all… or do I? :smiley:

That’s what makes SoCal so nice, mostly nice weather year round, once you get past the earthquakes, fire, and mud slides. You can go surfing and skiing in the same day. If you want warm summer weather, drive a little farther to the desert.

i’ll stick to my 4 seasons, lol!

Snow… what’s that crap all about anyways?

I couldn’t live anywhere but California or Arizona personally.
I’d freeze my a$$ off!

its all about layering :D. Go skiing or snowboarding that may change your mind.

But I have skied, many times - both here in California and in other states. I love skiing, I just don’t want all that white poop all over the area I live in… lol

California drivers are bad enough when a few drops of rain fall. If it snowed, there would be motorists shooting themselves on the streets…

haha I hate it when it starts snowing when Im walking to school. Its too cold…and I have to agree with you on the bad drivers when it rains or snows. I understand being cautious but a lot of the times its just sprinkling.

snow sucks… end of story