Official 6.2L member!

So with all the deals going on for the end of the year blowout with GM I did the unthinkable and traded my baby in for a 2012 Silverado! I went into this with the mindset that if i dont get a decent amt. for my 2006 and a good amt. off the new one that I will walk away. And i gotta say it worked out to my advantage! First off the only way I was going to upgrade was to get the 6.2L! I’ve heard so much about the engine and wanted one before they turned AFM… Since the AFM gets such great reviews :lol:
Anyway Specs:
2012 Silverado w/ 6.2L , LTZ package, HD Trailering Package, Including 17" rims (Which I wanted so I could keep my Cooper Disc ST MAXX Tires which I just bought), Pretty much every option including Heated and AC black leather Seats! Touch screen Navigation w/ BOSE, Backup cam, Power fold mirrors with turn signals, Spray in bed liner all-ready installed I gotta say this thing is luxury on inside and With the tires make it mean on the outside!
First Mod allready installed was the weathertech floor liners. On order are vent shades, and bug / stone deflector. And will be setting up my appt. soon for tint.
Its funny because Im not use to this new of a truck and how tight everything is! It almost feels like i am driving it too hard at times with steering / gas and brake since i am use to having to man handle my old 06…

Here’s some pics… But it got messed up quick since i picked it up the day after our storm hit!
And the only inside picture I got was when it was on dealers lot…

Now comes the fun part of figuring out the install with the horns on this truck! Unfortunately that will have to wait until Spring! My days of crawling around in the snow are over, LOL. I spent 4 days straight outside in the snow and through a blizzard removing EVERYTHING off my truck to prep it for trade in!

Good choice on the 6.2. The 5.3’s aren’t worth jack. It anger’s me that they wont put a 6.2 in a Tahoe any more. If GM were smart they would bring it back.

Nice truck! My GMC is basically the exact same thing with 5.3, sunroof, & factory 20s.

Nice truck.

Oh boy, Happy New Year indeed! That’s one sweet ride. Congratulations.

Please don’t tell me how much you paid, because it’ll only make me weep. Cost for a similar sized truck here would run into 60 grand, but that’s only the start of it. Running a 392 cubic inch V8 would send you broke Down Under. Our petrol costs are $5.67/gallon for unleaded.

Loving the truck so far! But i do miss my horns, lol.

Lets just say for price , i got a good deal.Truck stickered at $46k, I got 14k off of it with all disc, and year end stuff… Then they gave me 13.2k for mine. Like i said, it was a deal i could not pass! Besides that i got a bunch of stuff thrown into the deal… :wink:

Dang! … Now that is a good deal. Can’t blame ya.

Pitty you guys all drive on the wrong side of the road, otherwise I’d be flying over and packing one in my suitcase.

Nice truck!!!

Only thing i dont like so far is the gas mileage… LOL
But i didnt buy this pig for mileage… But just for the record I am averaging 9-10 MPG depending on how hard i hit the gas :frowning: :rolleyes:
With that said tho, the small amt. of miles i put on it were all with the remote start being used for 5-10 min. before driving and its all stop and go short stops… So if i didnt use remote start and drove longer, id get better. Remote start with the heated leather seats is sooooo nice tho!

LOL - we drive on the right side of the road, literally. You drive on the left side which is wrong. :rolleyes::smiley:

Sounds about right, my dads 08 with the 6.0 gets about 10. Goes to about 7-8 when hauling a wood furnace haha.

Dont tell me that!LOL!
Today i averaged 10.4… shes going up.Probably helps that i’m not putting my foot in it all the time to. I’m trying to be as gentle as possible… But it is tough to not push a 403 HP and 417 TQ to the max, HAHAHA!

you going to look into some simple bolt on’s?

Good chance i will. Most likely Something to make it breath easier. I know the stock filter unit breaths good, but the tube is the issue. so i might change that. and i’d like to keep stock exhaust and have a exhaust shop weld in a Y pipe with a butterfly door on it controlled electronically. So it can be straight pipe on demand , and quiet next push. My days of annoying drone all the time is over… My old truck had the cherrybomb extreme and that was drone city!

Any ideas of simple bolt ons?

Yea a k3la. :smiley:

Well thats an obvious one, LOL

The stock tube looks like something out of a si-fi movie. Theres some threads out there that show you how to do a 5 dollar home depot intake.

Your old truck will sound nothing like the new one. The Gen III and Gen IV truck LS engines sound differently. I guess it can be described as more tamed. I do also know that from 09 to present the trucks and SUV have a unsensored third cat before the muffler, you can also gut that cause its really pointless.

nice truck. :cool:

I can second that! It is pretty hard to stay off the pedal. I was averaging 7-8 the first 2 weeks I got mine. Then I added a K&N intake which took me another 2 weeks to get over. It just sounds too bada$$ and will haul when you get on it. Now I am up to about 13-14 on average between highway and city.

Nice truck, wish mine had a 6.2 :confused: mine is low and slow with a lousy 4.3. Congrats on the new purchase though!