Ordered my Nathan k5la from Hornblasters

Hey guys I finally stepped up and ordered a Nathan k5la and a 8.5 gallon 8 port tank from hornblasters! I already had the 1/2" airline and 1/2" valve so it should be a pretty easy install if i keep everything where my old stuff was!
I also made a custom guage pod by cutting the autometer double a pillar pod in half so it would fit on top of my EDGE evolution programmer and i got a digital PSI guage and another toggle so i can turn my compressor on and off whenever i want! I’ll make sure to post a bunch of pics of my setup as soon as im done!
I’m pretty excited to hear what these bad boys sound like!:smiley:

Welcome to the club!


I’m sure you wil love it… If not just give it to me…:smiley:
Welcome to the forums

yep, your with the big boys now, welcome to the forum

welcome to the forum.your running the same horns as me



hahahaha. ^^^

Here’s some teaser pics guys! This is just to give you an idea of how everything is gonna be mounted! I’m going to have to mount my tank in my bed and the horns where my spare tire was because there is not enough room for both. I got one compressor mounted today and the holes drilled for the other i’m just waiting for a rebuild kit for it. The guage lights up 7 different colors that i can change to match my other autometer guages and Edge programmer it’s pretty sweet. I’ll keep you posted with updated pics

Damnn dude thats a sick fukin truck. Those horns are gunna be awesome. Not much more you could have done to make it anymore bad donkey except a nice big k5la. Maybe one more k5la though? =]

trucks badass man

that truck is amazing


Thanks guys! My truck is pretty much my only hobby besides my quad. I have put so much time and hard work into it it means a lot when i get compliments:D

what ya got for a quad?

raptor 700. Used to have a yfz 450 LE modded out and thought that was nuts…this thing is just rediculous compared to it. Smokes everything on the sand

it’s comin along guys i’ll have more pics up soon! So far the horns and both compressors are mounted and all the air line is ran. Also the guage is done with the air line ran to it as well. My tank is up in my bed for now i wanted to try to squeeze it under where my horns are mounted where my spare was but there is no way they are both gonna fit, so for the time being they are going in my bed until i get a tool box! It’s almost summer anyways hopefully we don’t get too much more rain lol. All i have left pretty much is the wiring! But before i post finished pics i’m planning on undercoating my trucks undercarriage and getting it to look like new again it looks like sH it. Everything will be repainted axles,leafsprings,driveline,frame etc… I usually do it every few years or so and there’s a show comin up in june i have to be ready for anyways…Ill keep ya guys posted

Can’t wait to see the pics! It’s gonna look great on your truck.

Mine seems so small now lol.

nice quad

Hey guys i finally got everything installed on my truck and it sounds sooooooo ridiculous…I was thinking about keeping my old setup and running my k5la and it also but honestly you wouldnt even be able to hear my old setup. these things are looooooouuuuudddd!

I’ll have pics up probably by tomorrow i’m still figuring out a few things! i’m having trouble finding the right fitting for the air line to my pressure guage inside the cab, and also having some troubles with one of my air compressors it might need a rebuild kit, so as of now just one 380c is pumpin a 8.5 gallon tank…not good

o ya and btw i’ve only had the new horns on for a day and have already had the cops called lol