over the road

whats the deal with all the new looking horns on ebay??? over the road series whats the differance?? i need to find a k5 for about under a grand.

k5la is the best way to go!! i may be able to get a used one for under a grand

I heard the Over the Road K5LA have some restriction on loudness, but still sounds with the same tone. I hope someone on here will chime in because I want to know the whole scoup on it.

The air flow is restricted to tone them down a bit but the exact same sound. Just not as loud.

Can you modify an “Over the Road” set to make it a ture Nathan K5LA?

the OTR k5 isnt any cheaper then the real k5… so why not just go with that one?? i wouldnt wanna restrict any sound from my horns… i love being louder then the Real Trains… cuz i run mine at 200psi…their only around 80…but they have waaaaaaaaaaaay more airsupply then a little bit!!

The “Over the Road” horns are real locomotive horns. They just have a restrictor screwed into the base. (It can be removed.).

hondaguy, give this guy a call he has non restricted k5’s in your price range & free shipping. call luke @ (828) 388-3696 :slight_smile:

is it between the bell and manifold? I’m looking to remove my restrictor…

No, it’s in the base, in the bottom of the manifold where your air is fed into. There’s a allen head style plug in there that you can unscrew.

It would have been nice to know this BEFORE folks mount their train horns, Matt? This information isn’t included in the 6 page installation manual because … ???

I removed the restrictor, and now she sounds great! :smiley:


I’m curious… I took mine out before I finished my install so I’ve never heard how much of a difference it makes having it in. Just % wise (roughly) how much louder are they without the restrictor?

Also, I’m curious if anyone knows what the actual difference is in dB’s?

Not sure as to how many decibels, but the paperwork that came with my K3 said it was tested at 135db with 100psi, with the restrictor- it sure is a whole hell of a lot louder now… also uses air up a lot faster. If you notice, the orifice in the restrictor is about 1/3 the size of an unrestricted one.

Ha i just recently met with over the road at sema last week and you can order yourself a k series or p series and on the shipping instructions put wether you want or dont want the restrictor in it. But by doing so you are avoiding the warranty on the horn. … I asked him what was the warranty and he said if your diaphragms go out then they wont be replaced in the first year, due to people using there horns over the recommened psi

The way I see it, with a larger orifice you can run a lower PSI- which is what i do. And I’ll tell you- unless you’re a mile away, it’s just as loud at 120 PSI as it is at 150.

You met with “over the road”? Does that mean you met with Micro Precision Group since they are the ones that produce them? They are also the people who make the regular K and P horns for the railroads… I’ve also talked to them and the restrictor is just in place to make them legal to sell to the public. They have all the same internals as the railroad’s horns, just restricted to scale down the sound. That’s the ONLY difference. They told me you could remove the restrictor and it wouldn’t void any warranties.

Hey Jeremy,

You said “him” I’m just curious, Because I was at the Airchime Booth all week during SEMA. In fact I was the only guy there, and the only two reps from Micro Precision Group that were there were Hadley Mongell, and Pamela Noveck. I guess you must have come by when I ran to the bathroom or maybe when I went to get some sandwiches for the girls. I feel awful that I missed you, I didn’t know that you were going to the show. How did you get the time off from the Army? Did you fly in from Korea just for the week? What hotel did you stay in? Damnit man I really wish you would have let me know, we could have partied together! Keep in touch better next time! Hope all is well. Your friend,

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