pics of k5la install

we did a dual 480c,15gal tank,the k5’s

this was in my box when i got it lol

this is rich,97blackcivic

finished product

nice install!

yea,2 days worth

very nice!! im sure ur happy with it!

very happy,Matt heard them last night and he said there one of the best sounding k5’s

Fo sho…nothing like a good sounding k5la…


sog hood rats …rich rockin the hard hat…lol


I’m jealous!:smiley:

thanks everyone

Are you in Fl? Very nice install, I would put a 90* on the tank intakes, that is a very hi angle for the leader hose.

yea im in south tampa,im gonna put the 90’s on the leader hoses this weekend

Nice job

Nice install & welcome to the K5 alliance!!:smiley: :cool:

also it looks like the bends are a lil tight but the box has a slot that there sitting in.theres a plate that covers the rods for the latch

i dont know if i would trust those home done welded on tank ports =\

incase you didnt know i have been welding for about 10 yrs and the tank has been at 200 psi for about a week or so…so yea im gonna trust them
also dont take that in the wrong way

Cool cool, I am whorlando here. Very clean.

cool maybe i could come to orlando and chill with ya,im going there in about 2 weeks,goin to bass pro shops