Pipe choice

All привет.я here the newcomer from Moskvy.vot has very much sat down on it хобби.устанавливаю пневмо system on the внедорожник.вот I think over acquisition at firm http://www.hornblasters.com/.ochen the complete set of pipes HornBlasters Classic 4-Piece Train Horn (HB4H).что was pleasant tell concerning mine выбора.да still where it is possible to look video with participation of these дудок.зарание thank

Children who that will tell.:confused:

Do what now?

You want to hear them in a video or something?

In Moscow there is nothing similar is not present.вот and I ask your council.стоит them to take

If you search YouTube.com for ‘Hestian5’ there are videos of train horns posted. He has many videos for you to view.

I would post this in Russian if I could, but Google’s Babelfish isn’t the best way to do it.


Give advice., to take this complete set or not?

Tell than differs complete set Shocker XL Train Horn Low Price: $249.99 from complete set HornBlasters Classic 4-Piece Train Horn (HB4H) Low Price: $199.99

for $50 more you get 1/2 lines and valve…correct me as needed same air pressure just more volume…more flow is better

It turns out they will sound more loudly

Да комплект Shocker XL поезд Роге Низкая цена: $ 249.99 громче, чем полный набор HornBlasters классический 4-х частей поезд Horn (HB4H) низкая цена: $ 199.99. Разница размеров линии воздушного клапана, который и больше. Поверьте мне эти рога очень громко и слышно издалека, вы не будете разочарованы.
Я надеюсь, что это переводится так,
Привет из Канады.

Yes the complete set Shocker XL Train Horn Low Price: $249.99 is louder than the complete set HornBlasters Classic 4-Piece Train Horn (HB4H) Low Price: $199.99 . The difference is the size of the air line and valve which are larger. Trust me these horns are very loud and can be heard from miles away, you will not be disappointed.
I hope this translated well,
Greetings from Canada.

So it turns out it is necessary to take Shocker XL Train Horn Low Price: $249.99

Has decided to order Shocker XL

Ba hahahaha… Cant wait to hear em honk on that mail truck…

Greetings from “The Dirty South”

have not understood you?

Sweet jeep


$martguy_RS5T At you costs XL?