pressure switches

alright well im new to this site but ive had my train horns for over a year i have a vivair 2.5 gallon tank with a vivair 380c compressor with omega horns… my first pressure switch lasted for a bout nine months and then took a crap and i was blowing fuses like crazy and i bought a new pressure switch that was a 165/200 but it felt like my compressor was getting way to hot and that switch lasted about a month and i just put another switch in a 145/110 and it only lasted 2 weeks. Why am I blowing fuses and eating up switches?? PS i rewired everything to make sure i wasnt shorting out so thats not my problem. any help is great

What Gauge Wire are you using, and how long of a Length?

mines get hot too i think thats normal i have a 480c viair compressor 165/200 psi with a 5 gallon air tank and when it star at 165 to fill it to 200 it does not get that hot but when i empy my tank and it takes like 10 mins to fill it out it gets honking hot i can’t even touch it.

hey duramaxxed i got the the 55w kit from the guy you told me i shoul get it monday lets see how that poop rules

im pretty sure its 8 guage its a little thinker than what coms out of the compressor it prolly about 8 feet… from my battery to inside my tool box. but my tank is clean also so i dont know why pressure switches are crapping out

do you have a relay?

its not ur pressure switch…its ur leader hose…replace the hose and ull be good

whats the leader hose??form the compressor to the tank?? no i dont have a relay but im thinking about ordering the 110/150 pressure switch with built in realy from this website are they good switches??

thats your problem, call hornblasters and either get a 165/200 pressure switch with built in relay, or order a pressure switch and a relay… hook the relay up and i bet you’ll be golden! without the relay the pressure switch is drawing so many amps it burns it out

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so did you try out a relay?

Always run a relay with each compressor.

Why? -Because if you don’t, you’ll be pulling the full amperage from any and all compressors directly across the pressure switch, which is only rated to 20-30 amps depending on the style. -This will burn out the pressure switch quickly.

The only time you should suspect the leader hose/check valve is if the fuse blows when the compressor restarts at pressure.

well i keep blowing a fuse on my one compessor and cant figure it out… maybe a ground?

Are you using a relay to allow power to the pressure switch?
What size power wire are you running?
How did you ground the system?
What kind of vehicle is this on?

it can be so many things, bit if you dont have a relay thats probaly your problem

Also check your check valve. Which is part of the leader hose.

2 g power… to a distribution block… grounded to the frame… and i cleaned it b4 i grounded it… im thinking its the leader hose also… it only blows when its running for alittle not right away…and its on an 01 cchevy silverado

relays are very important

Again, if you aren’t running a relay, you are pulling FULL POWER across the pressure switch. This will kill pressure switches meant to handle 20-30 amps MAX.

well it is my leader hose the check valve is bad but ive gotten two now from hornblasters and both are defective. neither one of the leaders that hornblasters sent me will let air pass throught them. its like the check valve is screwed up in the new ones and they think its my instalation but i know its not because ive had these horns hooked up for over a year and now they dont want to warrenty my second leader hose