Project: York 210 on Tahoe

So here’s what i have been working on for the past few days. Im building a bracket to mount a york 210 compressor in my 2010 Tahoe. I have done alot of research and so far I have never seen this done on a 2007 & up Tahoe’s, Yukon’s, Sierra’s, Silverado’s or Avalanches 5.3L V8’s. i listed all those because under the hood there all identical

heres my progress so far. iv done alot but there still more to do.

cardboard rendering

Cut it out of steel

Drilled the holes to mount it

tacked it together

finished up the welds and added a support piece

Add some primer

Then some Engine Enamel

Awesome! Looking good so far!

Got a plan for belt length and/or idlers?

im doing the combo pulley, with the 6 groove serpentine and v groove. so the v-belt will be driving the york. i dont think ill need a idler or tensioner pulley. will find out tho.

Nice! I must have started a fad on here people buying these Yorks. lol I still have mine on my bicycle trailer, was thinking of mounting it on my Silverado 5.7L V8 but I think it would be a ton of work though. I could mount mine where my factory A/C Pump is or mount it below the Factory A/C Pump. Not too sure right now though.

Dont worry you got me thinking about it. I shall see, my ac doesnt even work so i will have to see.

just an update

still working on it. i need to add one more mounting point, so i need to add another piece to the bracket

Cool! Looks great! Just make sure you can add Oil into the side bolt on the crank case of the York, I made a ghetto Funnel so I can add some 30 weight oil to mine. lol

Trust me, you’ll love that EDC.


ok so i FINALLY got the right belt length… 33-1/8 in. also that a different york

It’s looking really good. Yes, you’ll love the performance, just keep checking the oil level until you get a feel for how often it needs to be added.

yah i added oil but when i tested it today it seemed to blow out more oil than i thought. it even leaked passed the barb fitting…i didn’t check the level before i mounted it and i didn’t want to take it off because i cant even begin to tell you how much of a pain it is to get on… but i assumed that they cant ship them with oil in the compressors.

ok its all wired up and all the pluming is done. got the air oil separator in but the only problem is the oil is leaking past the first hose clamp…

Love it!

Maybe you had too much oil in it to begin with.
I thought they make/sell a dipstick kit? That would make life easier.

yah they do and kibly sells it but i dont like shopping there cause of there insane shipping cost.

thats my thought that i might of put too oil in it. also im thing of venting the crank case cause i heard that it helps with oil discharge. but also i heard that oil will blow out the crack case breather filter… so ill figure it out…

You can make a dipstick using a wire hanger. Cut a piece 9 or 10 inches long and put a finger loop at one end. Put a 90 degree curve in the rest of it (bending it around a starter motor or Oasis compressor motor is good for that).

The screw you see in the above picture and middle of the pump should be the access to the crankcase and where you add the oil. If the level is difficult to see on the dipstick then lay it on a paper towel. The minimum level is 1 inch (about 8 ounces) and the optimal level for our pump is 1.5 inches (about 10 ounces). You can put more in it but that usually gets discharged faster. Damage to the bearings can occur at the 6 ounce level which sounds like a chirping bird.

Venting the crankcase will definitely help otherwise pressure builds in there and discharges the oil even faster.

Before we had oil control, we used an elbow with a bronze filter element in the same place you check the oil level. It had a 3/8-24 male thread for the pump side and a 1/8" NPT female at the other. The bronze filter was an air tool muffler so I think any air tool muffler with a 1/8" NPT male port would work.

do you happen to know the type of thread for that screw. i dont think its a 3/8-24… i know there are some adapters out there that go from whatever the thread type is on the york to a NPT.

wait i think i found it. -3 AN fitting right?

so dan i found the right adapter at SO CAL. ill post a vid on how fast she will fill 10 gallons later…

and if my math is correct the CFM ill get is

3.85 CFM @ 500rpm idle

7.7 CFM @ 1000rpm

11.55 CFM @ 1500 rpm

13.5 CFM @ 1750 rpm

15.4 CFM @ 2000 rpm

ALSO, add 3.53 CFM to get the combined CFM of both the york and the dual 480c’s that i have.