Psi question for the K-3's

I just purchased the K3s. I am running a 150 psi pressure switch with a 5 gallon tank and the 444 compressor. I am going to bump The psi like to 175 do you think 175 is too much I know 200 would be.

It’s been my experience that the higher pressure tends to make the horns sound harsher. And it’s harder on the diaphragms. I run my K horns and my Leslies with a regulator set for 110 psi outlet pressure.
It comes down to personal preference.

I just ordered the k5la and got the 2 compressors 12gallon tank and 150 and 200 pressure switch from hornblasters. They said 200 is fine still under warranty… I was wanting a 175 pressure switch who has one?

I just ordered a 175 pressure switch from Horn blasters.

Whatttttt they didn’t mention one at 175 dang it. Ohhhh well I’ll call tomorrow and order it. I’m curious to see how it sounds at 200psi tho

The pressure switch is on their webpage. I’m going to try 175 and see how it sounds.

Ya I haven’t looked on that site I spoke with Tyler and a woman at one point so I’m not sure if she knew or what. I’m thinking that 200 won’t sound as good but we will see.

K horns sound like overblown crap at 200psi and 175 isn’t much better. DJD labs already proved with Shocker horns that 200psi is actually quieter than 150psi. Based on my experience with a K5LA, I’d have to say the same is applicable. At 140psi, they’re very loud and harsh, but still sound like a train. 140 is what most locomotives use, however, many have restrictions of some sort so it doesn’t melt people’s ears. Most newer EMD locomotives don’t have that restriction, so I typically plug my ears like a child that’s how bad it is.

As mentioned, it is personal preference, but pressures above 150 do risk doing damage to the horn eventually as K horns are not designed for that regardless of what Hornblasters warranty says. A high flow regulator is good if you’re using the horn for a variety of situations. I’d have no issue letting it rip at 140psi to prank a friend. For celebrations, I’ve dropped it as low as 90psi so people don’t go home with an ear ache. And so it’s less likely someone will have a melt down over me blasting my horn.

Thanks for the reply I’m going to try 175 just to see what it sounds like. Curiosities got me now. Lol

Ya definitely let me know when you get that 175psi set up and how it sounds. Cn8815 can you send some pics of your set up please.

You go to the installs you will see some pics I have posted.

I just got done installing the 175 PSI switch. I don’t think it altered it that much if any at all. I definitely like it.

Trying to post a video and it doesn’t seem to work.

What are you using to host it? Photobucket won’t let you host images, not sure if you can directly link anymore either. Best bet might be YouTube…

Personally I run my K3’s and K5’s at no more than 120psi. But like said earlier personal preference. personally if I want to get the best out of my K3’s or k5’s I would upgrade the air line to 3/4 in from 1/2 in OD and keep the Pressure the same.

what pressure regulator do you guys use?

I am using no pressure regulator just 175 PSI switch.

I’m using a Norgren regulator M# R74G-4AT-RSG . I purchased it from McMaster Carr. It meets the CFM requirements for Nathan horns.

I run 200psi to mine, but I have a small 3 gallon tank, so within a split second, it’s back down to around 150.

Yes, the sound is quite harsh at first (not as musical as 150), but I have quite a bit more blast time on reserve by running 200

I run a 5 gallon tank with the 175 I find it to be perfect. It sounds the same. But I get a little more honk time.