Punk on Bicycle

I’ve had a lot of scares since I installed my s4 kit on my 04 Ram but this is the best one yet. On my way to the local Pull-a-part I came to a 4-way stop. This punk with his pants hanging off his donkey came from my left on his bicycle and turned right in front of me and started riding down the middle of my lane. I know
he saw me but refused to get over.:mad: He had a honey bun or something stuck in his mouth and was swerving side to side so I couldn’t get around. That’s when it happened; 150psi from 10ft away! His head dropped, that honey bun fell out of his mouth and bounced off the handlebars on its way to the asphalt, both hands came off the handlebars and I swear I saw daylight under both feet. He quickly gathered it up and shot to the side of the road and stopped. He had the strangest look on his face but never spoke. Me and my brother in law laughed our donkeys off the rest of the day.:smiley: Man I love this horn!!!

GOOD shot honky,the baggy pants mugs alone is enough to deserve the shot but the unyielding makes it an absolute shot!LMAO!:smiley:

haha good scare…
ive made a biker fall off his bike and he wasnt even riding the dam thing…lol
bikers are fun to scare

haha, i got one, i was heading down an 6 lane highway, well these 5 punks on crotch rockets were being aholes riding in a straight lane. we stop at a light and as soon as the light turns green i hit the horn real quick and i watch them all swerve to gain control of there bikes. down the road they start going 20 under the speed limit. i wait for about 5 seconds and then i floor it blaring my horn watching them trying to lunge out of the way.

becareful of some bikers…they are members of the forum and if you make them drop the their bikes, it could be expensive not to mention that they will always remember you…payback is hell sometimes. Choose your battles wisely :cool:

bicyclist i think he ment

i was talkin of bicyclist… I have a motorcycle myself and i wouldnt do it to someone riding a motorcycle down the road… unlike brizzal… u bastard! :smiley:

lol that would suck to drop a bike… as in motorcycle.

yes! here try goin down the road in ur truck, and just hop out…lol


come on…what type of post is haha… i cant reply to that… u just broke the cycle… ur selfish…LOL
i can post bout anything

haha I didnt know what to write. Im sorry. Im not up to godfather status yet therefore I do not know the powerful ways of being able to post seriously on every post.

well my new book… “How to Post Whore for dummies” will be dropping sometime in November. make sure to pick it up…lol

haha I will have to

u can preorder it now off amazon.com…lol

haha hardback or soft cover?

hardback…so u can pimp slap some bitches wit it too…lol
Godfather style!

haha those hardbacks have all of the uses. softbacks are for tards.

honk a softback… use those for rolling papers…lol

I use them for starting fires in the winter lol. they are weak. hardbacks are the way to go