Random Political Thought

the repubs keep talking about the bradley effect ,about how they believe the dems are gonna vote for McBush when they get in the booth.
here’s the random thought : what happens if the bradley effect happens to Mc bush?? :eek:

then we’re screwed


Yea I don’t really like any candidate. I think everyone is full of lies and will end up doing whatever they want to in office, not really what they are saying they are going to do now

thats everyone

some people are saying they want obama but will vote mcain so they wont be considered racist to minorities…f’n sad…

Honestly if people vote for obama just because he is black is wrong imo. they should vote for whoever they believe will do the better job in office

if mcain wins im moving to canada

lol yea I really dont know who i want to win. I dont really like pailan

mccain is another bush and hes too honkin old

But with his age he has experience. I have to agree with the bush statement tho. lol

no hes just old…
how is mccain gonna make plans for the future and hes not even gonna be in it? lol

lol i dont know about that. imo if he can run for it and deal with the stresses of everything that goes along with running for president then he is probably healthy. but im no doctor lol.

Both candidates suck but unless someone can swing the election by write-in votes, we’re screwed.

Pretty much. Hopefully things don’t get worse when whoever gets in the White house does.

All the dems said that when Bush was running the first AND second time and they’re all still here lol

HAHA I have to agree with you on that one

Since I’ll be at SEMA in Las Vegas, I have already sent off my absentee ballot. In fact, it was mailed out more than a week ago. So, I’ll be sitting in Vegas wondering what the outcome was…

I rarely give anyone my political views on anything… its just too easy to turn friends into foes. -Not like it matters at the end of the day anyways…

I’ll just say this and run…

No on 8… (Not for me… for those who have had their freedoms granted, only to be threatened)

Yay for freedom of perversion!

Perversion? Who are we to say who is granted freedom and who is not? The last group to do this was the pro-white movements of the 50s-60s. Freedom for whites, but not for African Americans… Was this right? No. Did it limit the freedoms of Americans? Yes.

Was it defeated and the color barriers broken down? Absolutely.
Freedom and Democracy should know no color or sexual persuasion barriers. Those of a different color or sexual persuasion are welcome to the same freedoms as all other Americans. If they are not, something is most definitely wrong with the system, and freedom is at stake.

Should there be freedom for all, or just freedom for some? -Just as long as you’re mainstream. I’ve been riding home from work these past few weeks and there’s people demonstrating on the street corners. So many people in fact, that traffic gets snarled. People waving, honking and not paying attention. I’ve been cut off more than once. Why?

Because people in my home area seem to think that freedom should be limited to a select few. I’m not saying that I approve of homosexuality. I’m saying that I approve of freedom and a person’s right to have the same rights that I’m afforded because I choose to live a heterosexual lifestyle.