Random Thoughts

Just post up whatever random thoughts u might have and would like to share…

moms a whore

We need a random picture post…this will work for the time being

Im not scared of you scaredu niether is twist!

everyones a whore

ur a whore

so are u!

I know :frowning:

i think we all are, but thats what makes us great.

thats for me to know and you to find out!

ima bout 2 make a awesome game thread… i think we should only post in that one for right now… gettin too damn crazy whoring up every thread…btw version is gonna be pissed tomorrow morning…LOL!

why not post in the two whore threads we alread have here? lol

haha the more the greater.

dont wanna go too over board lol take people like 4 hrs to read all this lmao

haha they will check out the new posts and be like wtf

lol just post whore up in the thread i made… it will be fun in just that thread

k lol

will do

That was epic

oh It was awesome